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Uni Compare  · Sep 23rd 2020

Vietnam has long been the attraction of many people looking to take gap years, the country has been famed for lots of things over the years, but how does it fare for those looking to take a gap year?


Vietnam holds a great deal of history, and it’s something you can get very involved in. In the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese adopted a new technique of fighting, guerrilla warfare, creating traps and mines. On tour, these traps, similar to those in the SAW films, are shown and explained. Another attraction of Vietnam are the tunnels that they created during the war, so they were not seen by the opposition. During the tour you are able to actually go down and explore the tunnels, so you can experience what it was like back in the war. The country’s capital, Ho Chi Minh City, is home to both of these attractions, they really are a must see!

In one of BBC’s Top Gear episodes, the guys visit Vietnam to test out some new cars. The route they take, Hue to Hoi An, has been a popular route that travellers have duplicated and is often done on motorbikes. Whether you rent a bike for the day or join a bike tour, which is typically booked through a gap year agencies, it’s an experience that should be on the bucket list, to enjoy the views of the Hai Vann Pass.

Vietnam Gap Year

What are Vietnam holidays like?

Holidays to Vietnam allow explorers to travel to the southeastern Asian country next to the South China Sea. It’s home to bustling cities and ancient historical buildings - but what are Vietnam holidays really like? If you want to travel somewhere with breathtaking beaches, flowing rivers and Buddhist pagodas then it’s the best place for you to pin on the map.

Vietnam holidays - when to go?

Vietnam holidays are the best between December to February when temperatures of milder and there is less rain. Some holidaymakers may what to know how many national holidays are in Vietnam to choose when to get on the plane. The country celebrates New Year’s Day, as well as Tet Holiday a few weeks later. They also have Hung Kings Temple Festival which takes place from the end of March to the beginning of April, International Labour Day in May, and National Day in September.

Vietnam holidays - what to see?

Holidays in Vietnam offer you the chance to visit Hanoi, the capital of the country where Ho Chi Minh’s marble mausoleum is based, the nation’s communist-era leader. There is also Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, which has French colonial landmarks worth viewing. There are also the Vietnamese War history museums and the famous Cu Chi tunnels which were used by Viet Cong soldiers.

Holidays to Vietnam are perfect for any adventurers, or those seeking a getaway to a beach.

What to do in Vietnam holidays?

Vietnam adventure holidays can include the rocky islands of Ha Long Bay, climbing and cave exploration in Ca Ba Island, or Phong Nha national park. True adventurers could book holidays in Vietnam and Cambodia if they wanted to explore both countries which are very close to each other. Even if you book all inclusive holidays to Vietnam you can still visit the tourist hotspots.

The same can be said for the Vietnam family holidays, where you can take the kids to the beautiful beaches, or book more than one flight and try out Cambodia and Vietnam holidays too. Package holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia will be filled with exploration and activities that will last a lifetime. But why stop at just two countries? Why not try holidays to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, and include all three in your passport?

Vietnam Gap Year

Are there Vietnam beach holidays?

Package holidays to Vietnam will open up more opportunities that you might not have thought of. Vietnam holidays that are all-inclusive means your accommodation, hotel, and flights are all sorted out from the start. This is the same with Thailand and Vietnam holidays, all options can include a beach if you choose a particular resort or hotel near the coast. So if you’re after Vietnam holidays with a beach, check out the best one for you that includes the best bars, sand, and sunbathing opportunities.

If you’re not sure what different types of holidays to Cambodia and Vietnam that there are, research what areas you want to cross off the bucket list when choosing your destinations. Whether you want Vietnam luxury holidays or cheap Vietnam holidays, ensure to read up on Vietnam holidays reviews to find out the best places to stay.

Vietnam tour holidays are another option for those wanting to visit as many places as you can, even cheap holidays to Vietnam or Vietnam package holidays can include the biggest tourist places or Instagrammable spots.

In one of BBC’s Top Gear episodes, the guys visit Vietnam to test out some new cars.

Are there Vietnam multi-centre holidays?

A multi-centre holiday is a vacation where people can visit more than one resort during their stay, either two or several! Holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia can both offer these types or travels. Holidaymakers can choose whether they want to see as much as the country as they want while still relaxing and enjoying the Asian culture. Vietnam and Cambodia holidays can help achieve this.

Who holidays in Vietnam?

Holidays to Vietnam are perfect for any adventurers, or those seeking a getaway to a beach. Vietnam and Cambodia holidays are the same, anyone can set off to this part of the world if you want to submerge yourself into their cultures. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to take the family away or something more intimate, Vietnam holidays from UK airports have so much to offer.

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