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Cambodia Holidays

Ben Maples  · Sep 24th 2020

Cambodia is located between two countries, most backpackers travel to Vietnam first, go through Cambodia and then on travelling to Thailand.


Applying for your visa should be completed before you get to the country, although it can be done when you are there, the process is extremely slow with long queues, so don’t waste your precise travelling time and get it done, don’t make the common gap year mistakes! The food quality in Cambodia is a higher standard than you would probably assume, but the prices do resemble this also.

The country’s capital, Phnom Penh is a very busy city and hosts a number of attractions. One attraction to mention are the killing fields, although it’s not the most positive topics to talk about, it holds some fascinating, yet horrifying history. It’s crazy to think that the actions that took place there was a mere 50 years ago. An attraction that some people may want to avoid, but it is popular with travellers due to the unusual events and history that occurred there.

Cambodia Gap Year

Booking holidays to Cambodia

Many jet setters who want to visit new and exciting places are booking holidays in Cambodia. The southeast Asian nation is home to low-lying plains across a large landscape, including the Gulf of Thailand coastline - perfect for Cambodia beach holidays - and the Mekong Delta.

Phnom Penh is the capital of the country and has the glittering Royal Palace, the art deco Central Market and the National Museum as top hotspots for anyone who holidays in Cambodia. But Cambodia holidays can be much more than just beach holidays in Cambodia, with the ruins of Angkor Wat featured in the northwestern part of the country, which is a massive stone temple complex constructed during the Khmer Empire.

Cambodia holidays at the beach

If you’re after sun, sea, and sand then holidays to Cambodia and Vietnam can provide that. The country offers historical adventures as well as breathtaking beaches. The southwest region has miles of unspoiled, beautiful Cambodian islands and hidden coves.

Cambodia holidays and the beach go together like the sun and sunscreen, and Sihanoukville is the most popular beach resort, and other popular places include Ochheuteal Beach and Serendipity Beach Road.

In the same way as saving money you can choose to spend more for a more luxurious experience whilst abroad.

How many holidays are there in Cambodia?

What holidays are celebrated in Cambodia? There are several days spread throughout the year if you’re wondering what are major holidays in Cambodia. You could find out how many public holidays are there in Cambodia before heading out on your trip. The country has around 20 public holidays, starting from New Year’s Day on January 1, and Victory day six days later.

Residents also celebrate International Women’s Day on March 9 and Human Rights Day on December 10 each year. Researching ‘what holidays does Cambodia have?’, will show there are lots of localised public holidays too, like Meak Bochea Day which is around February 10th, and Vesk which is around May 6th. Planning a visit around these days can make your trip extra special and you may see more events and activities taking place during your stay.

There are numerous religious and historical and memorial days throughout the 12 months. But how many bank holidays are there in Cambodia? The National holidays include Cambodian New Year (which is between the 14th and 16th of April) and Labour Day - which celebrates the economic and social achievements of workers on May 1.

Cambodia Gap Year

How to say happy holidays in Cambodia?

Cambodia holidays during Christmas and New Year can be extra special. If you’re out there during this time you can say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘happy holidays’ to Cambodians. It is a Buddhist country, so Christmas has no cultural or religious significance, but there is some commercial significance so you may find that are Christmas songs or decorations whilst out and about.

Can you get cheap holidays to Cambodia?

There are cheap holidays to Cambodia and Vietnam for anyone wishing to set off to the Asian country. To save money you can look at holidays to Cambodia from UK airports, as flying from Manchester may be cheaper than London Gatwick. All-inclusive vacations and visiting free beaches can help bring the cost down, especially for Cambodia family holidays.

Can you get Cambodia luxury holidays?

In the same way as saving money you can choose to spend more for a more luxurious experience whilst abroad. A good way to find out the best places to visit is by researching Cambodia holidays on TripAdvisor to discover what other tourists liked the most. The same way there are singles holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia, family and luxury holidays are on offer for jet setters.

>Many jet setters who want to visit new and exciting places are booking holidays in Cambodia.

Are there different types of holidays to Cambodia?

Passengers can also book holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia, seeing as the countries are so close together. The same can be said for Thailand and Cambodia holidays. Multi-location vacations offer travellers a chance to tick more than one destination off their bucket list, so Cambodia and Vietnam holidays are worth it if you have the time and budget to visit both.

Another popular country is close by, so holidays to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand are also snapped up for those wanting to experience the full Asian experience. Young people can try holidays to Cambodia and Laos, a small country north if they are searching for backpacking adventures. Cambodia and Laos holidays offer historical and cultural experiences, with Buddhist monasteries, mountain and hill hiking, and breathtaking beaches. As these countries are adjacent to each other, flying or travelling in between is swift and easy.

What about package holidays to Cambodia?

If you do want to visit more than one place, then package holidays to Vietnam and Cambodia could be a perfect choice. These types of vacations offer travellers the chance to book hotels, accommodations, and flights all in one instead of paying separately. Vietnam and Cambodia holidays in a package can make it simpler if you’re concerned about getting to each country and where to stay there. It can also help if there is a large group of people flying, or you’re wanting to take the family.

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