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What is the student finance deadline?

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When students begin the application process student finance is usually at the back of their mind, because of all the decisions they have to make along the way.


Although you might think you can’t apply for student finance until after your A-Level results, or until you have a confirmed place, but you don’t have to wait that long.The hypothetical doors of student finance are already open for the next academic year, meaning you can apply now!

When to apply for student finance?

What is the student finance deadline?

This is the deadline for your application for student finance to be submitted. The student finance Wales deadline, student finance NI deadline, student finance Scotland deadline and the student finance deadline England are all the same.

The deadline for student finance depends on when you have applied. The student finance deadline operates in a series of months.

The dates remain the same depending on when the course starts, so you won't have a specific date that is in the “one-size fits all” category, the student finance England deadline will be different every year.

The student finance application deadline is as follows:

Course start date

Apply by

Between 1st August and 31st December

31st May after your course has started

Between 1st January and 31st March

30th September after your course has started

Between 1st April and 30th June

31st December after your course has started

Between 1st July and 31st July

31st March after your course has started

The student finance deadline will never change. You can apply for student finance for up to nine months after the first day of your new academic year.

What happens if you miss the student finance deadline

First of all, if you miss the student finance deadline UK, you need to speak to your university. Speak to the student services department and inform them. From there, your university will be able to provide you with a bridging loan or by providing you with some kind of university bursary to help you in the meantime.

You can still apply for student finance after the deadline, however.

How to apply for student finance after the deadline

The first thing you should set up is your own personal details and to connect your parents account to your own. This can take a little bit of time so it’s good to get it out of the way now. Secondly, have a look around the website, make notes of all contact preferences such as email, telephone (which you’ll definitely be using most) and bookmark the website on your browser. Once you have an account, become familiar with the different tabs and pages, so that you feel completely comfortable with the site.

The next step is to add a university and a course so that Student Finance know where to send your tuition fee loans. Once you receive your offers from your chosen universities on UCAS Hub, you can add your confirmed choice to your student loan. It doesn’t matter if your offer isn’t concrete.You can change your course as many times as the information changes, as long as you inform student finance correctly and as soon as any of these changes happen. If you forget to tell student finance about your university or course changes, the process can become a lot longer and your tuition fees may take a while to reach your actual institution.

You can still set up your account in advance and change the necessary information later. Don’t fret if you haven’t received any offers as of yet, or if your A-Level results aren’t what you expected. You are still able to go through clearing smoothly and receive the right student finance.

Who can apply for student finance?

Any UK national who is hoping to go to university can apply for student finance. The only catch is you need to live in the country for the student finance you are applying for.

There is an age limit for maintenance loans. Mature students can apply, but anyone over the age of 60 will not be eligible.

Deadline for applying for student finance 2018/19

How much is a student maintenance loan for 2023/24?

The student maintenance loans for 2023/24 will depend on where you are living. Generally, those living in London tend to have a higher maintenance loan as the cost of living is higher.

Hosuehold income Living at home Living away from home (outside London) Living away from home (London)
£25,000 (or less) £8,400 £9,978 £13,022
£30,000 £7,694 £9,265 £12,297
£35,000 £6,988 £8,552 £11,571
£40,000 £6,282 £7,839 £10,845
£45,000 £5,576 £7,125 £10,120
£50,000 £4,869 £6,412 £9,394
£55,000 £4,163 £5,699 £9,394
£58,291 £3,698 £5,229 £8,191
£60,000 £172 £133 £130
£62,343 £3,698 £4,651 £7,603
£65,000 £3,698 £4,651 £7,217
£70,000 £3,698 £4,651 £6,491
£70,040+ £3,698 £4,651 £6,485


Please note these are just examples. These figures can change when you have your overall household income declared or if you use a student finance calculator.

When is the deadline for student finance 2023?

Mark your calendars! The student finance deadline for 2023 is the 23rd of June. This date is for continuing students who are studying a degree.

The date is different for newer students. New students should apply no later than the 19th of May 2023. It’s possible to apply after these dates, but your money may be late as a result.

How to apply for student finance

You can apply for student finance either online or by post. If you’re applying for student finance in Scotland, you are able to apply online.

You will also need to provide supporting evidence. Supporting evidence will likely be passports, birth certificates or bank statements. If you’re applying for the disabled student’s allowance (DSA), then you will need to provide additional paperwork.


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