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Why Learning to Cook Before University is a Good Idea

Uni Compare  · Nov 29th 2021

When you move out from home, one of the biggest challenges is to come to grips with losing home cooked meals, and even though you may never match up to your mum’s Sunday roast dinner, taking some lessons in the kitchen will help you throughout university.

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These are some reasons why learning to cook before university and grabbing some student recipes early on, is a good idea!

When you do start a routine of cooking most nights, the idea of cooking won’t bother you as much as you may think – you will get used to it. Cooking is a great experience and a chance to test out new ideas, flavours and to express yourself, as well as, eating a lovely home-cooked and fresh meal!

It's also a great way for you to learn some important life skills ready for when you eventually move out when you get back home and university is all finished and just a distant memory.

Why learning to cook before university is a good idea

Avoiding the cost of takeaways

Takeaways and fast food are expensive – even if it doesn’t feel like it, or you have found the cheapest kebab in Britain – it is always more costly than cooking at home and buying the ingredients from scratch.

You will waste money by ordering in then going to your local supermarket. When you buy the ingredients, the majority of the time you will still have leftovers which you can make into other meals, also, when you follow a recipe, they are usually for more than one person, which means you can freeze or store the remains and eat them another time.

Making food for people isn’t as tough as you might think.

Picking up some valuable skills

You will start learning and picking up different techniques along the way, along with substitutions and other recipe ideas.

You could even impress your new housemates with your newfound talent as the Hall Chef! When you start cooking on a regular basis, it will become second nature and the food you will prepare will taste great!

Pitching in

If you still don’t enjoy cooking that much, you could share the load with your friends or housemates, by all cooking a meal once a week for everyone, that way you only have to cook once a week!

If you do start to get into the idea of preparing and cooking recipes, you could start a Come Dine with Me special with your classmates and make an evening out of it once a week.

Why learning to cook at university is a good idea

Saving money

When you buy the ingredients for a recipe, even if it is pizza, you’ll soon realise the money that you can save at university instead of ordering it over the phone. You also know what ingredients are going into your food, and what fuel you are putting inside your body.

Eating takeaways and fast food aren’t only bad for your bank balance but your heart as well, so maybe look at eating healthy at university as well! Make sure you know how to eat healthily and how to cut your student bills, too.

Takeaways and fast food are more costly than cooking at home and buying the ingredients from scratch.

Crafting your menu

Making food for people isn’t as tough as you might think. Living in student accommodation usually means that your housemates will likely, invariably have their own meal times and will probably make their own meals when they’re ready.

If, however, you all want to eat at the same time, then it can be useful to have some student recipes handy. This way, you can plan the week ahead and you can also start getting some of the ingredients in beforehand.

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