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Transferring Universities

By Ben Maples  · Oct 25th 2021

Transferring universities is actually a lot more common than you think it is. Plenty of students spend all their time trying to get to university, only to find that they need a change of scenery.


Of course, it's insane for anyone to think that all students going to university are going to love their time there. Plenty of students look to transfer universities if they have the chance, this can be anything from needing a change of scenery all the way through to transferring to another university that offers a better course.

Transferring universities

First of all

The temptation to transfer universities may be too difficult to turn down, but we recommend that you speak to your university tutors before making any decisions.

There are some students who struggle with the course load or with the university’s teaching methods, so it may be worth speaking to your course tutor before you make a rash decision like this.

How do I transfer universities?

Transferring universities isn’t always easy, the process varies depending on the university and their processes, but it can be a really good idea for students that need a change of scenery, a fresh challenge or want to be closer to home, especially if you’re feeling homesick at university.

First of all, you will need to identify a course that you want to study at a different university. Once you have selected the course that you're going to be studying, you will need to speak to the admissions team, either at your current university or your potential new one, from there, they will be able to tell you how to apply and what you need to do.

The admissions team at your new university will ask for a “transcript” of the credits you received in your first year and a brief bit of information on the subjects you are studying. From there, it is up to the university as to what they do next, you may be called in for a university interview, or you may be asked to fill out online application forms, known as APLs (Accreditation of Prior Learning).

You will need to speak to the university that you want to join and see if they will allow this to go ahead.

Transferring universities student finance

With regards to this, you will need to speak to your student finance company for the country you're in. If you're in Wales, Scotland, England or Northern Ireland, you will have a different student finance company and a different student finance set-up.

When you speak to your student finance company, you will need to explain the situation you're in, regarding transferring universities. It doesn't matter what point in the term you end up leaving, whether it be half-way through, at the beginning or right at the end, you will have to pay your entire term’s tuition fees. Leaving in the third term, however, will result in you having to pay the full year’s fees.

With regards to what happens with your student finance once you join your new university, you will need to speak to them and see what the plan is moving forward, they will have a plan for you.

Transferring unis

Transferring to a UK university from abroad

Transferring universities with low GPA is a common reason why students from countries like America try to transfer universities. The process will depend on both your current university and also on the university that you plan on joining.

You will need to speak to the university that you want to join and see if they will allow this to go ahead. Assuming this is allowed, it’s full-steam ahead! You will then need to apply through UCAS, whether that is using UCAS Extra or using UCAS Track, your potential university will talk you through the process. Transferring universities UCAS is a necessity.

You will need to go through UCAS regardless of where you are transferring from, whether that be transferring universities Australia all the way through to transferring universities Scotland. If you are looking to study in a different country, you will need to speak to the university in the country you wish to speak to and working out the transferring process from there. UCAS transferring universities is your best bet!

Speak to your university tutors before making any decisions.

Is it worth transferring universities?

Only you can know this.

Transferring universities will depend on the circumstances themselves. If you are having a tough time at university at the moment, then moving universities is a good idea, but it will all depend on you making the best of it.

You need to make sure that what you have is one of the good reasons for transferring universities for you, don’t just change for the hell of it, think the decision through and speak to friends, family and course tutors before you make a decision.

Transferring universities personal statement

You will be required to submit a personal statement when you decide to transfer universities.

We recommend that you change the personal statement that you have already written, the reason for this are:
  • It most likely won’t fit your new university.
  • If you're changing course subjects, it will definitely not fit your new one.
  • You may need to make a reference to you leaving your current university in order to explain your decision.

Your personal statement should properly reflect you as a student and the course that you are applying for so you should change it if you are transferring universities.

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