Submitted by Uwais

Accountancy and Finance

Submitted by Uwais

Numbers are a large part of life and are everywhere around us. I work with number a lot better than I can work with words. I am a person with eye for detail and am always looking at things thinking how money could be saved or could have been put to better use. I think by doing an accounting course I will be able to put my skills to use in a commercial field. There is always going to be businesses that need accountants so accountants are always in high demand and there is a great chance of finding a job compared to other fields

Accountants have a lot of responsibility. They usually have a say in major decisions, which means that they only have a lot of control over a company’s everyday operations. I think I strive when I am given responsibility as it makes me work harder knowing how much of an impact my work has which is why I think accounting is the path that will be the best for me .I could even become a top manager or start my own business using what I learned during my time as an accountant.

In my GCSEs I achieved grade A in both Mathematics and Statistics which shows how I’m good at subjects that revolve around numbers.

By being a waiter as a part time job I have responsibilities such as cashing up the till at the end of the day, ordering new supplies and coming up with prices of new items. By ordering new supplies I need to use my numerical skills to figure out if the demand will be busier or less by looking at things such as: weather, if there is school holidays or things like events near the restaurant. I need to make sure I order enough for the week but not over order and this will lose the business money and supplies will go to waste. By coming up with prices I need to think about how much the item will cost and if there will be a demand for it based on trial tests then price it according to that. I think by doing this I have put my numerical skills into practice in real life.

I completed the NCS programme last year; throughout this experience I was able to use my teamwork and leadership skills egg. Being the leader when hiking and using the map to guide my team. During NCS there was also a section where our team had to plan a campaign and pitch it like dragons den style. I was in the finance part of the team, making a plan of where exactly the money would go with the investment.

I want to go to university as it gives me the opportunity to earn a qualification that will allow me to apply for a wide range of jobs compared to having only A Levels. After University I would like to get a job as an Accountant, looking to work for ones of the top accountancy firms such as KPMG or PwC.

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