PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Ravina

Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Ravina

My interest in business mainly stems from my experience of selling various items independently in order to make a profit. I do this by purchasing them at low prices, and selling them to customers for a higher price. I recognised gaps in the market and using my initiative supplied products, such as rare clothing and shoes, to fill this gap. I have managed to enhance my trading skills such as negotiation and business skills for deciding prices.

My interest has been further stimulated by the impact Brexit has had on businesses. Due to the Brexit vote, businesses entered an interesting and challenging phase. The uncertainty over the UK's future relationship with the European Union is discouraging business investment as the pound depreciated in value immediately after the result, creating a challenge for firms based in the UK, as exports have become dearer and faced a fall in demand. This fuelled my curiosity for the accounting and financial side of business as I enjoy quantitative analysis and analysing strategies best for firms depending on their circumstances. I find the difficulties that businesses face very intriguing and would especially like to analyse business figures to help provide a solution to problems, such as cutting costs.

I attended a taster session for business management, as well as accounting and finance at City, University of London. This allowed me to not only explore the different options available, but also gain an insight into the skills needed to be successful. I learnt that application and analysis are skills that are very important and are needed to be successful, not only when studying towards a degree, but also when managing a business. Attending a placement at Barclays enabled me to explore the financial sector and gain an understanding into the role of a financial advisor. Some of the tasks I completed included aiding customers deposit money into their bank accounts, counting large amounts of money, and ensuring that the tills were balanced. I also got the chance to observe interviews between customers and advisors regarding the creation of new accounts and applications for loans.

Additionally, I observed the business manager give advice to business owners about their finances. This observation made me realise that there are a lot of roles available in the banking sector, all of which have different responsibilities. During my time at Barclays, I improved on my customer service skills, as well as extending my knowledge about the financial sector. I discovered the many tasks involved in being a financial advisor, as well as gaining experience on the tasks. I have another work experience placement at an accountancy firm in the upcoming months and I hope to further my knowledge. A part time job in retail as a sales associate has enabled me to interact with people from an array of different backgrounds, improving my interpersonal skills and communication skills. Working in a well built, international company has enabled me to gain business awareness. I have gathered knowledge into how the company operates, and the importance of customer relations. Balancing a part-time job in retail with my education and social life has prepared me for life at university as it has helped me to improve my time management and organisational skills.

Within my school community, I am a Year 11 House Prefect and a Business Prefect. I have the responsibility of supporting lower school students in their courses and any other issues they may face. I work with a team of students, which has enabled me to enhance my team-working skills. With the skills I have obtained and my genuine interest in business, I look forward to the challenges, opportunities and rewards life at university will bring and feel that I have the passion and skills needed to be successful.

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