PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Alex

Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Alex

Accounting is a necessary activity within everyday life, without which businesses would not be able to function. Management Accounting is the core operation of any successful enterprise. My interest began when I started a business at the age of fifteen buying and selling goods at a profit. I learnt to manage my profit by investing in goods with high customer interest and low costs. This made me realise the importance of money in society and promoted my desire to explore this subject further at university.

Mathematics has always been my strongest and favourite subject during my academic life and I believe my well-developed numeracy skills will help me advance in this course. By also studying Chemistry at A-level, I have developed my analytical and critical skills. I was able to put these skills to the test by participating in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Challenge three times and I look forward to tackling even more demanding challenges during the degree course. Economics A-level has allowed me to expand my knowledge on the basics of the economy and the high demands of consumers. I have independently developed a clearer understanding of the world of finance; reading 'The Money Machine' expanded my perspective of the financial system in the City, making me aware of the importance of interest rates to a business and the influence on revenue.

I gained valuable insights into the world of finance by completing my work experience at accounting firms within the North West, where I was asked to complete annual reports for local businesses to assess their profits. During work experience at SL Accountancy Solutions I was surrounded by colleagues who spoke Mandarin to their clients. I found I was able to adapt to a foreign language environment and managed to communicate effectively with Mandarin-speaking clients through phone calls. Working among people who have the same interests as me and listening to their experiences made me even more determined to study Accounting and Finance at University level.

With the increasing interaction of global companies, understanding different cultures and languages is becoming a vitally important aspect of modern business. Through speaking fluent Cantonese and having lived in Hong Kong for 8 years, I can fully appreciate the variety of cultures within an industry and hope to utilise this valuable skill by working in an international corporation in the future. For the past three years I have volunteered at Barnardo's, dedicating several hours a week to helping my local community.

Working part-time as a sales associate at Hollister, alongside my studies, has advanced my abilities to interact with customers in a friendly manner and enabled me to manage my time wisely. I have taken on roles of responsibility in school such as being elected as form captain, which enhanced my organisational skills. Taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme in the role of financial director allowed me to showcase my numerical and logical skills. I was able to present the accounts of the company and dictate where the costs were allocated. I enjoyed this role as it gave me a sense of control over the business. I worked in a team with fellow students in order to devise a business strategy to sell and advertise our handmade products. When the Managing Director left our group, I felt it was my duty to take charge and organise our company. This shows that I can adapt my role under different circumstances.

I was also selected by teachers as peer mentor for the new Year 7 students, helping them make the transition into secondary school, highlighting my ability to work with people of different ages. Being a fully committed and dedicated student I will persist until my ultimate goal is achieved. I am firmly convinced that my career lies in the field of accounting and finance and by following this degree course I will build a crucial foundation for my future.

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