PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Accounting and Finance Personal Statement*

Submitted by Angel

Accounting and Finance Personal Statement*

Submitted by Angel

It is my curiosity towards the application of mathematics in the real world, especially in a business environment which has drawn me to study accounting and finance. I want to study this course as it is in line with my ambition of working in a position in which I can improve the financial prospect of a business by identifying the most efficient and cost-effective ways of running it. I am particularly interested in forensic accountancy as it is a field in which I will be able to use my skill of giving keen attention to detail to identify financial irregularities within an organisation.

Last year I attended a master class on economics at Cambridge University which increased my interest in the limitless opportunities of macroeconomics and microeconomics. In order to get a wider picture on how financial factors affect the overall economy, I read "Bottom Billion" and "India 2020", which allowed me to differentiate between factors that help or stop the development of nations. I was particularly intrigued by the economic growth of India because although India is a rapidly developing country, a large proportion of its people live in poverty. Upon reflection, I was able to realise that the cause of this may be due to the uneven distribution of wealth across the country. From following global news, I learned about the demonetisation in India; in my opinion, it wasn't a thoroughly thought out decision by the government as the act resulted in a negative impact on the poorer proportion of the population. I hope that by studying accounting I will get a better understanding of the reasons behind such decisions and its effects.

My career goal is to incorporate accounting and economics to become a chartered accountant. My work experience in an international factory, Rachel's Organic provided me with valuable experience in the finance department. I learnt about the process of projecting and estimating revenues and the importance of these estimates in influencing decisions such as whether to introduce new machinery. I was also introduced to invoices and gained first-hand experience in generating and analysing financial databases.

I had the opportunity of shadowing a financial accountant who introduced me to bookkeeping and the double entry system. My work experiences gave me some insights into the world of accounting. However, I felt that the concepts and terminologies that I came across were further reinforced by reading P. Weetman's "Financial and Management Accounting" books. From reading these, I taught myself some basic concepts and further strengthened my drive to study this course at university. I enjoy doing statistical exercises as part of my A-level Mathematics. I feel that using probabilities allows me to transfer the methods I learn in the classroom to real-life situations. The subject allows me to improve my analytical and problem-solving skills. From studying the sciences, I believe that my experience in producing hypothesis and then conducting experiments to find a conclusion will be useful when tackling accounting concepts.

I had the opportunity to develop my team working, presenting and ICT skills through Welsh Baccalaureate, where I worked with a group to set up a business idea. I was able to understand the importance of organisation skills, especially when handling the finances of a business. Additionally, my volunteering experience at the local Oxfam charity shop has improved my confidence and communication skills.

I am also a member of school Amnesty International group. Being a prefect gave me the enthusiasm to take on challenges and made me more organised and responsible. In my leisure time, I enjoy dancing and painting. I am confident that I have demonstrated the skills and determination needed to successfully complete this course. I believe my independent learning nature and my willingness to understand the concepts of a subject that I have not been taught before demonstrates my natural drive to study this subject.

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