PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Architecture K100 Personal Statement

Submitted by Aleks

Architecture K100 Personal Statement

Submitted by Aleks

Growing up amongst many uniform, dull houses, I wasn't surrounded by architectural wonders; so, as a child whenever my parents took me out to cities like London, I would gaze up at the towering skyscrapers, archaic themed buildings and monuments both modern and antiquated. I was stunned. Of course, though back then they were nothing but pretty houses and tall, shiny towers to me. It's only recently that I discovered a passion for architecture.

During my time at Peter Symonds we'd go on Art trips to help with our art projects, it was the Art Trip we went to this year to London that made me realise how much I want to study architecture. We went to the Royal Academy of Arts to gather inspiration for our oncoming projects and as I was walking around the museum I stumbled into a room that was designated for architectural projects. Fascinated, I photographed all the designs and models I found interesting, which I have studied and placed into my personal sketchbook. On the way back I photographed all the buildings I found exciting, which I have also placed in my personal sketchbook.

Taking Fine Art at GCSE and at A Level has taught me the various methods of sketching and drawing, using techniques like shading, cross hatching, hatching and stippling. Of which would be helpful when sketching architectural designs to show the dimensions of a building. Being a committed art student, I always made sure I stayed behind class to continue on unfinished work, to ensure that everything was complete to an exceptional standard. My main medium is Acrylic Paint and pencil, but I've always been excited about trying new and unfamiliar mediums.

A Level Business has taught me many transferrable skills that I feel will be beneficial for studying architecture at University level, for example I have learned how to transfer theoretical models into literary context. In the second year of Classical Civilisation, we have been studying Greek Art and architecture, I have found the Art and Architecture side of the course so inspiring and all though I haven't been able to go on the trip to Greece I have learned a lot about ancient art and architecture which has definitely influenced me as an artist as I have included a lot of my ancient architecture knowledge into my A Level Art project.

After Christmas I'll be doing some Architecture related work experience with my dad and an architect, my dad is a builder and has been asked to work on a house extension, he will be using the architects design brief to complete the extension; this is a small but fantastic opportunity for me to gain some basic knowledge about architecture, which I am extremely looking forward to.

I love doing extra-curricular activities, some of which are; being a school councillor for two years at Harrow Way and a college tutor representative which I have been since the start of college, I have also completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, and my National Citizen Service, which has taught me how to work efficiently as a team which I believe is a great attribute for learning architecture at university due to the fact that many activities will be a part of a team as well as independent.

My real passion, though, has always been creative, I have always been an arty person and that's why I want to continue studying a subject that can not only quench my thirst to learn but also satisfy my creativity. Being able to combine my passion into work would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I feel that I have a lot to offer to your University and I am very excited to what University life has to offer me.

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