PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Architecture Personal Statement

Submitted by Thomas

Architecture Personal Statement

Submitted by Thomas

From a young age, I knew that I would pursue a career in design. Whether it was creating and designing my flawless dream car or producing my own handcrafted mechanical paper guns; scissors, a roll of cello-tape, and a set of colouring pencils were the main tools that never left my hands. However, it was only until recently that I decided to guide my career path in the direction of Architecture.

Having completed a work experience placement at McCready Architects, one of Northern Ireland's leading architectural practices, I acquired vital knowledge and experience of what its really like to work as a professional Architect. In the office, I was given the opportunity to use ArchiCAD, a specialist CAD package used to produce 3-dimensional sketches of structures and buildings. This was the highlight of my work experience as I was able to apply the CAD skills I gained from my A-Level Technology and Design course, and put them into practice. I learnt that there is a lot more to being an Architect than just design. Overall, this was a great opportunity as it highlighted to me the practical side, as well as the technical side of the profession, and gave me an insight into the life of an Architect.

My interest in Architecture became focused last year when I went on a weekend trip to London. Here, I was given to chance to observe and appreciate the outstanding, beautiful structures and buildings that the city had to offer. Canary Wharf, was the most thrilling part of the trip for me. Its modern, futuristic style opened my eyes to the skill and craftsmanship behind the jaw-dropping structures and buildings the area had to offer.

The modern side of Architecture especially appeals to me, however, this trip also gave me a chance to admire many of the historical monuments and landmarks such as Big Ben and St Paul's Cathedral. Seeing the difference between the styles in the various parts of the city sparked something within me, a desire to pursue a career in Architecture. As well as studying for my A-levels, it is important to me to have a good balance between working hard in school and other extra-curricular activities. One of my favourite things to do in my spare time would definitely be playing the drums.

As well as playing along to my favourite bands, I am presently working towards gaining my grade 8 qualification. I have had the opportunity to play at many recitals for the Lisburn School of Music, and an Open Day for my school. Playing in a band with other members is quite a challenge but helps me display my coordination skills and work effectively with other band members to put on a top performance. I would also consider myself quite an active person as I play hockey for my school's 1st XI. Playing hockey not only keeps me fit, but has also helped me gain and improve my communication and team-working skills which are important attributes needed on and off the pitch. Being in the sixth form and realising that it is important to set a good example, I put myself forward and was elected as a school Prefect. This gives me the responsibility to look out for the younger pupils so they can see me as a figure they can look up to. These are key qualities that would serve me well for this course.

I would love to pursue a career in Architecture because it will allow me to bring together all of my strengths; determination and a growth mindset, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, creativity and a fascination for the field of art. Studying Architecture is a prospect that I am looking forward to and I am very excited for the wide array of career opportunities that this course will offer me. My dream is to be behind a structure or design that people will one day stop to admire.

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