PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE International Business Personal Statement

Submitted by Charlie

International Business Personal Statement

Submitted by Charlie

This interest ignited my entrepreneurial side with the creation of 'FootyKickers', an Instagram page dedicated to visually showcasing my footballing ability, whilst publicising the latest gear. I marketed within networks, drawing inspiration from sites competing in similar markets, by constructing interactive content and distributing it to more established accounts, which through exchange would share my material with their followers. I then used the increased awareness to research commercialising opportunities, gaining sponsorship from New Balance and helping me to gain over a thousand followers.

The combination of my studies in Maths, Business and Product Design provides me with a firm insight into the operational aspects of corporations on an international scale. I have learnt how to analyse data, assess risks and predict trends in Maths, how to develop tangible solutions to problems in niche demographics through the study of Product Design and finding rewards by actively formulating solutions to real world issues in Business.

I have secured a work experience placement at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where I will shadow the Head of Consulting Sales. This will be an invaluable experience, one that will allow me to practically apply my studies. The purpose of my placement is to gain a deep understanding of the potential measures that could be identified to improve the overall performance of the department. Additionally, being heavily involved in a corporate environment will enable me to broaden my understanding of how a multinational company operates and is managed on a daily basis.

Working in a large supermarket has enhanced many skills, including managing my time efficiently and communicating effectively in order to provide the best customer service. Throughout my time there I observed how important it was for the company to utilise promotional offers that are targeted at specific customers because each consumer is becoming more differentiated as they demand the right to a tailored shopping experience that meets their own personal needs. Through the use of Consumer Relationship Management, I ensured that I adapted each conversation to suit the individual needs of each customer. This relates back to my studies through the theory of market segmentation and Bowman's Strategic clock.

In addition my skills were developed further when I was elected Maths Prefect which involved volunteering time and mentoring other students who were struggling with their maths homework, by applying my knowledge and adapting it in a way that was easier for them to understand. Outside of my studies I represent the school's first team for football and winning the county cup is one of my greatest achievements. I have become a qualified Fifa Affiliated Football Referee, teaching me to make decisions instinctively and be adaptable in pressurised situations. I have also rowed for two years and won gold at the Marlow regatta.

As a Patrol Leader for Scouts, I was actively involved in managing a team of five through challenges, promoting an enthusiastic atmosphere to create comradery and keep camp sprits high. This motivational technique and our ability to solve problems creatively and communicate well within a team, secured us the win, out of 11 other patrols that were invited to participate in a national Scout camping competition from across the country. Moreover, from this I developed real confidence in leading a team, gaining satisfaction from setting and achieving goals. These experiences have led me to develop perseverance, communication and tenacity which I believe I will be able to transfer to university.

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