PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Computer Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Andrei

Computer Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Andrei

Nowadays, we mostly rely on technology and computers to strive and advance in fields such as artificial intelligence, script writing and programming to make our lives easier.

Due to our need for technology, there is a high demand for programmers. This in itself being one of the biggest reasons I wish to become a computer scientist. As well as coding in my free time, my studies have also supported my decision to start coding. A-Level mathematics topics such as Boolean logic and arithmetic have driven me to explore coding further. I am especially proud to have achieved a Best in Year certificate in the UK Senior Mathematical Challenge in 2016. I have also taken part in the 'CIPFA in the Midlands 6th Form Management Team Game' in June 2017, which has helped me prove my management, teamwork, debating and mathematical skills, me being assigned an accountant role in the team. Through my further education, I have acquired many essential transferable skills. In maths, I have learnt to synthesise information from different topics to solve a problem. In science I have demonstrated I can condense large areas of study into essential pieces of information and then expand using my own knowledge. This will set me in good stead for tackling extensive reading lists and information garnered from lectures at university. The practical assessments in physics and chemistry have demonstrated to me the value of teamwork and the importance of taking other people's views into consideration, which will come to my aid during seminars and tutorials during at university.

Outside of school, I have been learning Java using the website ''. I know most of the basic commands in Java and I am comfortable with putting together small pieces of code. I have also conducted research into the usefulness of Ruby, SQL, Python 3 and HTML, and have come to the conclusion that I would like to study Python 3, due to its general popularity amongst programmers. As I am trilingual, I find language-learning comes naturally to me, and this will help me with the above. I believe that this course's career prospects are future proof. My goals regarding career are to become a website designer or a game developer which I think are at a great search as the technological era is in continuous expansion.

In my opinion, the world is in need for fresh young minds to expand this digital world furthermore; plenty of companies that operate online are very successful which makes the internet a great tool for people to develop businesses which has no boundaries for operators such as distance on the globe or having to go to a place to work. During the rest of the time, I like going to the gym, enjoy long walks in the park and listen to music. I am an EU student and I have chosen to come to study in the UK because of the good reputation and prestige that UK universities have to offer. I am accustomed to the UK school system and environment since, leaving Romania, I have successfully completed year 11 and 12.

In short, I am a technology enthusiast and am keenly interested in starting a computer science degree which will give me the required knowledge and qualifications in achieving my career goal to be a programmer. I am positive that with your contribution, I will fully succeed with my passion for programming languages in my choice of profession.

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