PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE ICT and Computing Personal Statement

ICT and Computing Personal Statement

I wish to study an IT and Computer related course as I believe both of these subjects will provide the basis for me to progress into a career with great potential.  I am a hardworking, ambitious young man who is looking forward to the many challenges that University will bring me.

I believe the use of IT are the foundations of major businesses and help them to grow and develop. With the improvements in technology businesses are always looking to strengthen their IT systems to enhance their performance and efficiency. I hope to develop my existing skills and knowledge to become a successful computer technician.

Currently I am studying Level 3 Business and IT Double Award. These are my favourite subjects because I am a huge enthusiast of IT and Business. I have learned the key components of a computer system and how each components works within the system. This knowledge would allow me to consult others and possibly support individuals or businesses to upgrade their IT operations.

Computer development has been a part of my life since an early age. During my childhood I would enjoy developing and constructing technology devices. Learning kinetically about new and advance technological equipment sparked my interest in the subject. My interest rapidly developed through my education at school, these experiences combined with my Business acumen has strengthened my desire to study these subjects at a higher level.

Presently I am learning about the history of computer technology. This was part of my assignment to acknowledge how our society has changed the way we use computers.  To reinforce my knowledge I recently attended a trip to the Centre of Life to learn the history of gaming, computers and IT systems. I was able to use and assess the quality of the computers equipment, nowadays modern day laptops have 1.9GHZ speeds and 1TB RAM  of memory compared to a 30 year old, Commodore 64 which is a  8-bit home computer with a 1.023MHz processor, 64kb RAM memory, 320×200 display output, 16 colours with a weight of 1.8kg, a basic 2.0 Commodore GEOS operating systems and an estimated of 10,000 commercial software which are specifically designed for this computer including office applications, games and development tools. This visit allowed me to gain the knowledge on how technology improves within the years and learnt me about the different parts of computer system. Attending university will offer me the opportunity to gain more experience and learn about computer information and systems.

When I was in year 11 I secured a week’s work experience at Sainsbury’s, my role was to interact with the customers, insure the shelves were frequently stocked and to help the cashiers. This experience was great as I was able to work as part of a successful team and the job allowed me to take on additional responsibilities. I learnt the importance of being reliable, trustworthy and excellent customer service. During my time there I developed my decision making and communication skills. I also realised how important their IT system was insuring the smooth running of the business. There main IT system at Sainsbury’s was the barcode scanners because each item has a unique code to clarify the right product and price that the company have listed on the till monitoring screen. This also takes into consideration stock control and informs the company of how many items the store has sold.

In my spare time I like to play seven a side football weekly at my local Sport Centre. I enjoy keeping healthy alongside the socially interaction of playing sports with my friends. We also visit the cinemas to watch the latest films. As a football fan I attend all of my favourite football team’s home games.

I am a highly motivated individual, thieve under pressure and capable to work in any circumstances, that involves in my subjects and I always give my 100% because I am determined to do well in my future career and to have a satisfied life that I deserve.

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