PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Computer Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Rosette

Computer Science Personal Statement

Submitted by Rosette

Studying computer science is an exciting life-changing experience, offering me the opportunity to discover the important strategies, used in the computing sector. A strategy is extremely crucial to progress in computer science. What makes computer science so interesting is it has a huge impact on the entire World. In this digital age, every industry that exists requires a computer scientist. Problems with industries are often solved by computers. Resolving these issues requires people that can pay attention to detail and luckily I possess this skill. This suggests that my character is effortlessly suited to a career in computer science.

Currently, I am studying A levels in Maths, Economics and Chemistry. All these subjects have given me a strong knowledge foundation for a degree in computer science. Studying Maths has given me a logical way of addressing real-life problems. For example, using probability to predict the outcome of any situation. While studying Economics, my self-confidence and communication skills have flourished. Constantly having to convert my complex economics models into qualitative data and present it to my whole class. Chemistry has developed my research skills, which I believe will come in handy when studying in University.

For my year twelve work experience, I worked for a small laptop and computer repair business, where I helped fix the laptops and computers. I found it so fascinating and interesting to see computers work and how essential they are to individuals and businesses. I am a member of the Codeacademy and Udacity website and a frequent reader of the Computer World. Doing this allows me to improve my programming and coding skills, getting familiar with the programming language and keep up to date with current affairs in the computing world and gain knowledge from respected computer scientists. Recently, I attended a Computer Science taster course at London South Bank University. This taster course amplified my passion for studying Computer Science at University.

Helping out at Parents Evening and Open Days by registering and ushering the parents and providing tours around the school to parents and potential students who have taken a liking to the school. This provides clear evidence that I am a dedicated team player. Taking advantage of all opportunities that my sixth form provided.

I currently have a part-time job, working as a customer service assistant. Working in Waitrose is developing my numeracy skills through handling cash and balancing the tills at the end of the day to check we are meeting targets by carefully counting all the cash in the till. Spending time on the till has improved my computer skills.

In my leisure time, I enjoy swimming. Travelling is also a passion of mine, so far I have visited countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa. I plan on visiting different countries across the world as I am quite fond of exploring different cultures. I am a teaching assistant at the Sunday school in my church, my responsibilities are helping the teachers to plan lessons and managing the behaviour of the children. Trying my best to help others when I'm presented with an opportunity to. I peer mentor young students between the ages of eleven and fifteen. Giving me an opportunity to be a positive role model and develop and maintain relationships with the young students.

Computer science is essential as it plays a huge role in everybody's lives. I am excited to broaden my understanding of computer science. My experiences in life have shaped and prepared me to study Computer Science at University.

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