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Discover personal statement examples written by students accepted onto criminology and related courses. Read through the examples to help shape your own personal statement.

Criminology Personal Statements

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Criminology Personal Statement Advice

Your personal statement is generally the last thing you complete for your UCAS application. For universities, this is the most important aspect of the application overall as it allows them to see what kind of person you are, what you're interested in and how passionate you are about the subject you're applying for. A Criminology personal statement is supposed to be your chance to show your passion and interest in the subject, because this, above all, is what really sells you to a university and what really influences their decision. Before you start writing your Criminology personal statement, we recommend having a look at some Criminology personal statement examples beforehand. These will give you an idea of tone, content and structure, all of which can be tricky things to do if you've never written a personal statement before. If you still find yourself struggling to know what to write in your Criminology personal statement even after reading some Criminology personal statement examples, then we recommend you look at these four elements: Talk about your passion for Criminology. What prompted your interest in Criminology. Any work experience or extracurricular activities you have related to Criminology. Any achievements you have. Your personal statement doesn’t need to be War and Peace, in fact, it has to be only 4,000 characters long, but it should nevertheless be a clear and concise appraisal of who you are.

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