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Product Design Personal Statement

Building and creating is what sparked my interest in buildings and creating new things so when it came to school I favoured DT and followed this path on through my academic school life up to A-levels. The aspect I most enjoy is the problem solving side of it. Being given a basic problem and having to create a solution, the idea of creating something new that has never been done is exciting. Furthermore you are also helping people by making a product ergonomically usable for them or simply a better way of doing it for existing users. It is good to know what you are doing is making a difference.

I have always been practical and creative so I took my ideas outside of the classroom. As a hobby I BMX so after my first project in DT where I worked with wood in year 10, I was lucky enough to get timber and build myself a half pipe which has lasted many years. This helped me learn how to work with different tools and understand how structures work. This was a good learning curve to broaden my understanding and skills because of this small project I completed it has inspired me to keep on creating. Due to my development of skills and ideas I aim to create more complex projects than the ramp, at the moment I have been inspired by a programme (George Clarks amazing spaces). Since there is a lack of space for quiet undisturbed work area and an area to relax during the summer. From this I have drawn out a few designs for a shed and began to build up a project. It will be built at the back of my garden to be a studio/summer house, with only recycled pallets and other waste materials I can acquire. With all my projects I prefer to incorporate waste or recycled material because of the decline of resource over the years and the high price of premium timber however to make sure the structure is sound I will have to use new nail and screws etc. Otherwise rusty ones would compromise the structure which would be unsafe.

I am currently studying Product design, Geography and business. After looking around Universities on open days and the videos of all the fascinating projects you get to do, Product design was clearly the course I want to take. The way it is set out works well with my working style. It is a subject I thoroughly enjoy, I have been able to demonstrate this over my academic years due to me working well through the course and meeting deadlines.

I believe I am capable to be on the course but admit I have had to work hard on my perspective drawing and computer prototypes designs to get them up to a standard where I can portray my designs ideas across. I taught myself how to use google sketch up and was taught to use Spaceclaim and 2D design. If there is new programmes to learn on the course I will want to learn them because it will aid me in my future of Product design. Also this year I was awarded with a certificate for an outstanding achievement in AS design & technology: 3D product design due to me getting one of the highest results in my year.

Personally I am an outgoing, friendly and honest individual. I believe keeping active is important, I do this with my hobbies such as skiing and going to my local gym. I do this often due to realising that it helps to keep stress levels down so I can work efficiently without distractions. From playing team sports throughout my life I have learnt how to be effective in a team which helped me during my school life and will in the future to fit well into teamed work environment. Therefore due to my experiences this will help me fit into the course well and University life itself.

I look forward to carrying on my product design interest at a higher level as an undergraduate at your university so I can get my degree and carry on a career In Product design.

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