PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE English Literature and Journalism

Submitted by Emily

English Literature and Journalism

Submitted by Emily

When asked what my favourite hobby is I have always answered with reading. Even from a primary school age devouring books was my idea of a competitive sport and to this day I still find myself reaching for a book when I don’t feel myself. Getting lost in a book is an experience like no other and as I have gotten older, and my taste in literature grown I have become increasingly fascinated in not only how a writer casts their spell over a reader but the actual language itself and how it seemingly comes alive and pulsates on the page. Even as a pre-teen I had a desire to read books that challenged me, so by the age of 13 I had read and come to love Watership Down by Richard Adams several times, with the novel still being undoubtedly one of my favourite books of all time. Jane Austen’s Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice, Daphne Du’Maurier’s Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel and The Brothers Grimm Fairytales by Jacob Grimm are all firm favourites that I like to revisit regularly. An interest which led me to do some further personal research into Noam Chomsky’s study on innateness and child language development and dip briefly into David Crystal’s work on linguistics after touching upon the subjects at AS and being curious about them. Studying both English Language and English Literature for my A-levels has given me a taste of what these subjects really involve but it is not enough- I want to pursue them further. My sheer love of the subjects is what has made me want to study them at university and further my knowledge as much as I possibly can.

My interest in English Language has been further sparked by the volunteering I did in several different lessons with lower down the school in my free time to go towards my curriculum enrichment. I really enjoyed this experience as it gave me an insight into the way a teacher helps children learn and the importance of the way they speak to each individual child. Having also had to help my younger brother with his school work over the years, due to him struggling greatly at school because of mild learning difficulties, my patience and understanding of how to speak to people to help them understand has grown considerably.This too furthered my interest in English Language as it sparked a curiosity into the different types of language and all its different purposes. It also furthered my ability to be responsible for myself and my studies as I was giving up my free periods to aid the teacher meaning I needed to be able to make time elsewhere to get all of my work done.

A level Applied Science has made me a much more organised student and has honed my ability to do independent research and transmit my findings into my coursework in a concise and accurate manner. I am much more effective at meeting deadlines and can turn in work with the confidence that it is of a high standard.

Studying AS Level Sociology made me much more culturally aware and sensitive to ongoing issues in the media, meaning I am better informed when formulating my opinions.

I have worked as a part time-waitress since 2014 and have found that having a job outside of school has benefitted both my confidence and made me a more independent young adult. Having to work with the general public on a regular basis and being required to constantly communicate with both customers and other staff members has boosted my ability to talk confidently to both individuals and groups of people, something which before starting work I could not do due to a severe lack of confidence. It has also enabled me to improve my time management skills- juggling my studies around working and being able to organise myself so that I am always on time. I would like to think that holding a part time job has made me a more rounded, polite and dependable person.

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