Submitted by Emily

English Literature

Submitted by Emily

Studying Literature has helped me to view the world in so many ways. I am particularly fascinated by the ways novels can reveal historical details about the times they were written in. I would like to study Literature from all over the world in more depth. I have become deeply involved in the lives of the characters of many of the novels I have read. Whether it is Curley's wife in of Mice and Men or Tess in Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I inhabit their world while I am reading about their lives.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Steinbeck's projection of the depression era and Hardy's presentation of Tess' demise within Literature. Studying for A level English Literature has broadened my knowledge of the features of dramatic tragedy and the various elements that make up crime writing. Using a critical anthology has allowed me to view the various literary works through a range of different theories such as Marxism or Feminism. I can confidently analyse the effects writers create through their use of language. A novel which I read outside of my studies that I found inspiring was Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre. Jane brings up the problem of gender inequality, I like the way that Bronte uses dialogue within the novel to express that Jane feels that society is patriarchal. Jane strongly believes women need to be challenged intellectually just like men are and that women are held back from too many opportunities that men are given. Jane states that men are "narrow-minded" to say that women must stay at home and live a domesticated life while they go out and work. She believes that women are in a state of "stagnation" and that they are being hindered by societal views. I like this topic as it is a very important part in history; it shows how views about women have changed over time and how writers like Charlotte Bronte have helped this happen.

I would love to study feminism in further detail at university as I find it an interesting topic. Another book that I read outside of my studies that interested me was Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I really liked the dystopian elements within it and how it highlights and warns of the dangers of cloning human beings. In year 12, I had the pleasure of being able to go to London to visit the Globe Theatre with my English class, this gave me more of an insight in to the setup of a Shakespearean play and the different elements within a Shakespearean play. I found this useful as I am currently studying Othello.

I like to help where possible at school. In year 12, I volunteered to read with some year 7's who have trouble reading, this enabled them to improve their reading skills. I felt that this was beneficial as reading is a great skill to have not just for academic reasons, but also for entertainment. This helped me with my communication skills and helped me take some responsibility. I currently work at Primark part time, this has helped me to manage my time, so that I can balance school work with other activities outside of school.

At university I will aspire to develop the skills I already have as well as learning new ones. I hope that studying English Literature helps me to further my love for both reading and writing.

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