PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Geography BA Personal Statement

Submitted by Jobina

Geography BA Personal Statement

Submitted by Jobina

I moved from India to the United Kingdom aged three and I discovered my passion for Geography upon realising that I had exposure to such contrasting parts of the world - the ‘newly industrialising’ country of India, where the once poverty ridden areas are quickly transforming into hubs of global activity, compared to the fully developed and economically advanced UK. These two notably different countries and the experiences that both offer me have helped shape my understanding of the world while prompting me to confront serious topics such as global inequality, overpopulation and resource depletion. It is my eagerness to conduct further research and my ambition to learn about the spectrum of human concepts in Geography that has given me the motivation to pursue this subject at university.

I have carried my flair for Human Geography from high school to college and compounded it with a real interest in Physical Geography. I quickly expanded my understanding of the dynamic environment that we live in as I studied topics ranging from the tundra biome to the volcanoes and earthquakes that can change the face of the Earth. My enthusiasm for the subject has led to me completing a MOOC into global development and sustainability which has informed me of the possible consequences of our current actions and the strategies put in place to mitigate the causes. In doing so I have developed my ability to work and research independently.

Geography has vastly increased my knowledge of the planet we live on and how we choose to engage with it. My independent investigation into the succession of vegetation in psammosere environments has greatly developed my analytical skills allowing me to conduct very focused and effective research. I have gained the ability to think critically and analyse my surroundings from different perspectives while studying Psychology and by studying different theoretical approaches I have gained new and complex insights regarding mind, behaviour and society which aid me greatly in understanding the human concepts in Geography. Creativity, freedom of expression and a sense of debate are the key skills I have acquired from studying English Literature. I can now structure effective arguments and make confident interpretations through the wider reading I have undertaken throughout this course. My Welsh Baccalaureate project is largely centred on the controversial topic of the UK and its expenditure on foreign aid and if it actually helps or hinders our economy.

I volunteer as a conservationist at my local National Trust site, Erddig Hall, and at the Friends of Felin Puleston programme in the Green Academies Project. My work with the National Trust protects nature for future geographers and demonstrates my commitment to the subject in the field. I am also a Young Geographer in the Royal Geographical Society which enables me to connect with other geographers, access useful resources and extend my reading. In my spare time, I volunteer for Nightingale House, work as a Catering Assistant in Erddig and am a member of Wrexham County Choir. All three experiences have given me the skills to work well in a team environment, improve my confidence, develop effective communication and time management skills.

By 2030 the UNDP aims to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals including no poverty, zero hunger, quality education and world peace. This agenda could be achieved in my lifetime and to think of a world without war, famine and disease, and in which there is economic stability for all countries makes me even more excited to pursue this course of learning as I know that I will be doing my part in providing for a better and more sustainable future.

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