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We've collected a list of Geography templates from students who have been accepted at university on Geography related courses.

Geography Personal Statements

Geography Personal Statement Advice

A personal statement is the final part of your UCAS application and it is arguably the most important one. The best way to think about it is that your grades allow you to apply for the course, but your personal statement is what gets you onto the course. Your Geography personal statement is your chance to sell your passion for the subject. Universities love to see a student with passion and this is more or less what sells them on you. Before you start writing a Geography personal statement, we recommend looking into some Geography personal statement examples beforehand. These examples will allow you to see what kind of tone and overall structure you need for your own Geography personal statement. Your personal statement is limited only to 4,000 characters; while this can seem like a fairly daunting prospect, don’t worry too much, it’s not as big as you think and for those worrying it’s not enough, it’s actually a bit more than you think you need. If you’ve read through some Geography personal statement examples and still can’t seem to find the inspiration to write your own Geography personal statement, then we recommend including the following three elements: Talk about your love and passion for Geography. Any relevant work experience in the world of Geography. Any achievements, academic or otherwise. Another useful tip for writing your Geography personal statement is that whatever you choose include in your Geography personal statement, make sure you make it relate to Geography somehow. It’s not essential, but it will give your personal statement a lot more synergy if you can link it all back together.

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