PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Advertising and Brand Management Personal Statement

Advertising and Brand Management Personal Statement

Advertising and marketisation can be found almost everywhere today. From the glowing Times Square to a five second ad before a Youtube video. However more recently, there has been an introduction of a much more personal market where advertisements fit the criteria of what an individual may want based on their related internet searches. The idea of being part of such a fast developing industry has intrigued me throughout my education.

I have a keen interest in the digital media side of the course. I thoroughly enjoyed aspects of my ICT course where I studied how current and future technologies are able to convey information to people such as through social media, newspapers and the future development of virtual reality. Within this course I was also able to show off my creative skills by designing posters, PowerPoints, leaflets and video advertisements for an estate agency through desktop publishing and graphic application software.

I also have a great interest in the marketing and general management aspects of the course, and have a large interest in key sociological and consumer behaviour theories covered within the course. Here I will be able to transfer some of my own knowledge and skills I have gained from studying sociology at A-level such as Thorstein Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption where an individual spends money on luxuries to display their economic control along with developing new theories and ideas presented to me.

In secondary education I put myself forward as a candidate for house captain. This meant I had to use my persuasive skills and explore ways to market myself through giving speeches, creating propaganda and maintaining a respectful image. Winning the house captaincy helped me to become a good team leader, by ensuring everyone within my house was happy and involved. These teamwork skills are essential in the marketing industry as in any business working together as a team is necessary to ensure tasks are done promptly and in great quality.

Singing has always been a hobby of mine which is why I joined the school choir. Reaching the final of a national competition and performing in front of large sums of people has significantly improved my confidence and communication skills, which I believe are crucial in marketing as constant communication is essential to ensure a good understanding of the consumer is built in addition to the wants of the client, as well as then being able to transform the needs of the client into a successful marketing campaign.

Since a young age I’ve been involved in various eco-conservative groups, this has helped me understand various people’s perspectives on issues affecting the world and appreciate listening to what people have to say. I believe this is very important in marketing as it is vital to understand what consumers want, as well as having the skills to adapt brand images to new markets.

My experience of working at an accountancy firm has given me numerous skills such as managing a budget efficiently which is essential in marketing and business. Payroll had to be done on time to avoid fines, which meant working towards strict deadlines which will be crucial at university to ensure that I stay on top of all work and meet all deadlines required.

Outside of work I enjoy keeping up to date with the world of marketing through business papers such as the Financial Times. I feel this has broadened my knowledge on contemporary issues and debates.

I take an active role within my own community, and have even voiced my own views on the Bay radio and the Evening Mail.  More recently I have spent my time volunteering at local festivals and events such as the Victorian and Dickensian festival. I often enjoy socialising with my friends, whether it be during football training, or going out and enjoying nightlife. I am able to achieve a good balance whilst ensuring that neither interferes with my studies.

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