PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Fashion Marketing and Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Autumn

Fashion Marketing and Management Personal Statement

Submitted by Autumn

As an individual I have always had a passion for creativity and a keen eye and attention to detail. I strongly believe that studying Fashion Marketing and Management will put me in a better position to not only develop and showcase my flair for fashion but to also further demonstrate my literary skills and capabilities. I also believe that the course will give me the chance and unique opportunity to develop and learn new skills and techniques.

From a very young age, writing has always been a passion of mine and I am very proud to say that I had several poems published by ‘Young Writers’ in various anthologies before I had even begun secondary school. With writing, as with fashion, I have always found it to be the best form of self-expression that can be used in whichever way myself as the author and creator want it to be used in order to convey meaning and bring to life new and fresh ideas. Being able to combine the two styles of creativity to develop new approaches to journalism and literature, in relation to the fashion industry, would be an incredible opportunity for me as I feel it would give me the perfect platform to flourish and build on innovative ideas.

In year 12, going on to study A Levels in Sociology, Media and English Language, as well as Photography at AS Level, provided me with specific skills that enabled me to improve and develop in a number of creative areas. English Language was the subject I enjoyed the most, due to the versatility of the course and the fact that I was able to focus on topics which were important to me as well as also learning a variety of linguistic and language techniques. Media Studies was also another of my favourite subjects as the syllabus involved developing and editing a mock-up independent magazine on a genre of my choice. The project involved looking at various forms of media promotion, advertising and film within the industry – I chose to look at the music industry. Another skill I developed whilst studying media was the ability to work as part of a creative team and participate and contribute to group activities. Invariably, however, I also developed the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively and I believe I harnessed both skills comfortably. Undertaking projects both individually and collaboratively allowed me to experience alternate roles within a team setting, as well as well as leadership responsibilities, in order to achieve a successful outcome.

I really enjoyed the creative freedom that came with the humanities and the arts subjects I studied and I didn’t feel restricted or tied down to one specific ‘idea’. I thrived on this freedom of creativity that was encouraged I was able to express and create what I felt I had envisioned without the restrictions of being told that I was ‘wrong’ whilst my individual expression was at times challenged, it was always respected. Unlike other more scientific and/or factual ‘type’subjects, there does not appear to be a strict set of rules to follow but those nurtured by one’s own vision and perspective.

I currently document my photographs and personal reflections on my Instagram blog where I also experiment with differentvisuals and imagery. Over the last few years I have developed a keen interest in a diverse range of creative ideas; being inspired particularly by the likes of photographers Amber Asaly and Piczo whose works have featured in some of my favourite pieces of print based media - namely Galore Magazine as well as Dazed and Confused.

Studying Fashion Marketing and Promotion in my first year at the University of Westminster provided me with more of an extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and gave me the opportunity to implement my learning into my projects, however I found that the course was not as I expected it to be placing a heavy weighting on the practical ‘making’ side, with little focus on the academic marketing and business side of the course which initially attracted me to it.

The opportunity to study Fashion Marketing and Management appeals to me greatly as not only do I have a passion for writing, but I also take great interest in what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and the business aspect of the industry. Whilst I would describe myself as a highly creative individual I am also very focused on academics and flourish when I am challenged to write essays and produce plans and reports, too. The opportunity to further develop my passion for fashion and marketing enthuses and excites me as I believe that I will bring something new and diverse to the subject as well as the industry in the future.

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