PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Fashion Promotion and Fashion PR

Submitted by Rosie

Fashion Promotion and Fashion PR

Submitted by Rosie

Fashion is at the heart of today’s generation and has the power to create new identities and influence lifestyles. From the logos seen so often on the streets, to the renowned and timeless brands like Valentino seen on the catwalks - branding and promoting is the most vital piece of the entire process. I strongly believe that Fashion Promotion is the right course for me and the degree in which I will thrive.

I have chosen a degree in Fashion Promotion as I believe it combines two of my strongest attributes; a creative flair and a commercial mind. There are several aspects of the degree that I am drawn to, for example, the opportunity for industry placement, fashion film and photography.

In December, I will be taking part in a Fashion PR and Marketing short course at The London College of Fashion. During the evenings I will be visiting galleries and exhibitions that will further support my studies. This course will be covering topics such as; the fashion calendar, segmentation, the marketing mix, press releases, the use of social media and much more; thus helping me to hone in on and improve my marketing knowledge whilst introducing me to the fashion industry.

In GCSE Media Studies, I learnt about the compelling ways in which brands communicate and draw consumers in and the psychology involved. I learnt in depth about marketing by studying advertising campaigns across industries. A Level Business Studies has given me a broader understanding of how brands operate on a daily basis, and has provided me with an apt knowledge of the marketing mix, trends and forecasting.

Whilst studying Photography, I have seen major development in my work. I have fostered my own personal style and learnt invaluable portfolio skills. I have improved my time management, presentational, planning and organisational skills. This has helped me meet deadlines, organise my time and enabled me to present myself and my work effectively. For my current project, I am questioning traditional portraiture by conveying personalities through alternative images.

Studying Spanish has taught me resilience, reasoning, cultural awareness, problem solving, attention to detail and most importantly communication skills which are essential in the fast moving industry of fashion. It has been proven that being able to converse and understand a second language improves our cognitive ability.

During Year 12, I took part in Young Enterprise which allowed me and a group of peers to innovate, promote, finance and sell a product. Throughout this project, I established a prominent role as Head of Marketing and Production, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of how essential social media is for promoting and how ingrained it is in the industry.. During this project, we marketed our product effectively to a specific age range (30-40 year old women) by utilising Facebook and targeting primary school fayres where there were parents of attending students.

I have always been an active part of my school’s community; in debates, Student Voice, peer mentoring, sports competitions, drama performances, culture days and fundraising. I was also appointed a prefect of Business Studies where I support younger students, organise classroom displays and volunteer at open evenings. Working in a restaurant means the pressure of operating in a fast-paced environment has become a second nature to me. I have learnt how to multitask, how to deal with difficult situations, how to communicate and work efficiently as a team and how to satisfy different consumer needs. Working so closely for two years with the brand Pizza Hut has given me an insight into their marketing techniques — something which will translate well when studying how fashion brands do the same. I believe that the knowledge and skills I have developed will thoroughly support me in this degree.

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