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Submitted by Jay

Mathematics Personal Statement

Submitted by Jay

Mathematics at times can be the most frustrating subject, the best feeling in maths for me is when I get the right answer to a very problematic question. Every mathematical problem is like a puzzle, at times it can be hard work but all you need is the right jigsaw pieces to fit the puzzle. In the words of Stefan Banach, it has made me realise that 'Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.' This caught my attention because mathematics shows a solution to every problem for example, in my A level further mathematic studies I came across to a topic called 'Proof by induction' which has been the most alluring thing in my mathematic studies so far. Proof by induction is a challenging topic but the beauty about it has intrigued my love for mathematics even more. I have enjoyed all my modules for mathematics. My favourite area is Pure Mathematics because it focuses on thought processes and problem solving. Differentiation and integration Is my favourite part of Pure Mathematics.

A level Chemistry is helping me strengthen my knowledge in mathematics because there are a lot of calculations you have to do for example: chemical equations, calculating molarity and speed of atoms. Studying Chemistry demands that I grip onto concepts and the application of mathematics helps me gain general solutions to problems. I have enjoyed studying my AS modules for Further Mathematics and it has given me a huge understanding which I will take forward to A2.

Studying mathematics continues to be extraordinarily enjoying and the difficult task of trying to solve questions presented in a strange way is very pleasing. For Further Mathematics I had to teach myself decision 1 in the few months leading up to the June examination and now during the summer holidays I am self-teaching Core 3. I enjoy working independently and pushing myself to achieve. I particularly enjoy trigonometry especially questions where you have to prove the left or right-hand side of the equation, it's almost like problem solving and trying new ways of approaching the question as there are more solutions.

I love working with young people because I take the opportunity of inspiring them to take interest in something that will be beneficial for them. Whilst on my work experience at Yew Tree Primary School I was a teaching assistant helping children out with their subjects, in particular mathematics. Throughout my work experience I gained confidence talking to others, problem solving for example tackling questions that students wanted help on and the teachers.

I took part in the National Citizen Service challenge. At the start of the challenge I set goals which were to build more confidence and communication. My NCS experience has been amazing and I think by participating it has made me better as a person also improve skills such as communication. In the first week I was a team leader where I had to provide information to the team and the plan for the day. For the second week I worked in a centre where there was people with mental disorders. I planned a session for the people at the centre which had to be sport-related. We had a pitch day where my team presented our social action project to a panel of Dragons. I was part of the finance team where I had to use my mathematical skills and problem-solving skills for the social action project. The social action project was to raise awareness about visual impairment, by doing this it made me a better public speaker.

Sports has always animated my competitive nature and I've always wanted to strive to become better, be it mentally or physically. I enjoy playing for my local cricket club where in my first season I won an award for all round performance. I like to acknowledge the game of cricket, be it on-field or off-field.

I believe that university education will not only expand my knowledge in mathematics but let me experience a lot of new things and meet people who have various interests.

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