PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Mathematics with Additional Philosophy and Statistics Personal Statement

Mathematics with Additional Philosophy and Statistics Personal Statement

Mathematics has always been among the forefront of my interests, being at the heart of the understanding of so much else, but it was only after my GCSEs that my enthusiasm, stemming from simple affinity, was ignited into a passion for the subject. It was therefore only relatively recently that I considered focussing my further education ambitions on a degree in a mathematical field.

My particular pleasure is pure mathematics. Over the last two years I enjoyed the introduction to a whole host of new concepts and ideas, calculus becoming a firm favourite. Although frustrating at times, I feel consistently rewarded after building on my foundations and working on increasingly difficult problems – the hunt for “neat” solutions for the simple satisfaction that I recognise in only a few of my fellow classmates. To broaden my understanding, I took part in the ‘Real World Calculus’ online course provided by the University of Leicester, covering some real life applications of calculus ranging from motor racing to mobile gaming, and have been reading the wonderfully accessible Ian Stewart to challenge myself to question the very basic principles of mathematics that are often taken for granted. I have also fostered my interests in science by studying biology and chemistry; the combination of the three forces me into different ways of thinking and has helped to develop a broad complimentary skill set – for example, using knowledge gained through statistics to implement more robust methods across the practical elements of research.

I have found online courses to be a great way to broaden my knowledge on topics outside my syllabus and everyday experiences. Recently, I took a course to understand the fundamentals of brand management, focussing on the significance of good branding when starting a company. This is my long term ambition and I have sought out many learning opportunities over the years to make this a more plausible reality. I spent time working with the management of numerous dental practices, which gave me awareness of managing different scales of businesses, from independent practices to large groups of practices. I worked with a technology company specialising in delivering digital educational content to primary and secondary schools across the country, and with a computer hardware business, where I worked with a team to diagnose, fix and rebuild whole systems. It was here I had to show my independence and implement my problem solving skill.

Naturally, personal development has also been a focus at school. Being a prefect has given me the opportunity to build confidence and leadership skills – and the importance of participating in the development of other students. Volunteering in various charities from an early age, the highlight was significantly exceeding my own target fundraising for children all over the world through Sport Relief, with a sponsored run. For the last 6 years, I have been a committed student of Choi Kwang Do, in which I hold a black belt qualification – a physical and mental accomplishment of which I am proud. Together these have all been instrumental in building independence, self-reliance, discipline and meticulous control.

I look forward to university life and facing both the academic and social challenges head-on. I am confident that my passion for the subject matter, diligence and enthusiasm will allow me to not only be a successful student, but ultimately to pursue a successful career in business upon these foundations.

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