PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Mathematics Personal Statement

Submitted by Sana

Mathematics Personal Statement

Submitted by Sana

I believe Mathematics is a tool for understanding the world because the world revolves around numbers and problems. The process of learning new ideas and the logic required to work through a puzzle is what keeps me captivated. Dealing with new proofs, techniques and formulas at A-level has led me to undertsand that I am currently scratching the surface of the immense mathematical field and I would love to delve deeper. So far my journey to exploring Mathematics has become progressively enjoyable, satisfying and challenging. But I take joy in the challenge, especially once I have overcome it and completely understand it. Studying A-level Maths has been both interesting and fascinating. It is astonishing to see how it varies over each module from differentiation in the core modules; probability in the statistics side and kinematics in mechanics. The contrasting topics are what keep mathematics exciting for me. The sense of achievement and that euphoria feeling when you work through a proof or a question is what makes me want to delve deeper in to this subject.

During my time at the sixth form I was selected to tutor GCSE students in Mathematics as part of our Saturday Sixes programme. This was a very competitive process which involved a rigorous application and interview procedure for a role with only a small number of accepted offers. It required a high level of organisation and dedication and I believe I was a much organised tutor who planned very interactive and fun activities with the students I tutored achieving their target grades in GCSE Mathematics. This gave me a small insight in to what it would be like to teach Mathematics if I was to consider it as a career. It was a role I truly enjoyed because it allowed me to watch the students progress positively, thanks to my help and it was satisfying to hear students come back to tell me they used my tips in class to achieve the correct answers. I have also been chosen to represent the subject during sixth form open days which involved communicating to both parents and students about the new processes taught at A-level, problem solving techniques and the importance of being organised and focused. Taking part in such activities is a reminder of why I love Mathematics and have a desire to pass this love on to others. I was also involved in 'Maths Week' where I mentored younger pupils who were taking part in interschool maths competitions. This involved using innovative styles of teaching and the importance of using real-life examples to help the students relate.

As well as Maths I study Biology and Chemistry in which i obtained three As at the end of year 12. The sciences I study include the use of Mathematical skills and often require the use of standard deviation, rearranging formulas and problem-solving with numbers. These subjects taught me that Mathematics is heavily applied in other areas and is very important in the scientific world. At the end of my GCSEs, I attained the best results in my year group which led to my name being added to the 'Academic Awards' plaque which I believe is a result of my hard work and dedication. In my spare time I also work as a waitress part-time which has taught me how to work under pressure with time restrictions, both as a team and independently. This job requires great organisational and communication skills. Furthermore, I attend Urdu classes and I am also a member of the local sports centre. Doing these extra-curricular activities has taught me the importance of having a social life as well as focusing on my subjects. To conclude, Mathematics is an infinite subject in which there is a reason behind everything and its world can be explored endlessly. I believe my current level of dedication and commitment to the subject means I will excel on this degree course and believe I will add value to the course and university. I look forward to my time at university as an opportunity to delve deeper in to Mathematics.

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