PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Mathematics Personal Statement

Submitted by Yusuf

Mathematics Personal Statement

Submitted by Yusuf

Having conquered a problem, whether it be a simple Sudoku puzzle or a demanding A-Level question, there is nothing more rewarding than the "Aha!" moment. It is that moment of sudden insight or discovery that every Mathematician lives for; it's like reaching the top of the mountain after a long and arduous climb and having a clear view of a rare and truly magnificent scene. For some, doing Mathematics is like being on a never-ending hike, with no end in sight, but personally I think that the beauty of Maths lies not only in the spectacular view, but also in the challenging journey that leads up to it, which is filled with the excitement of discovery and the enjoyment of working towards understanding something new. It is this passion that energises me to further embrace my studies in Mathematics at university level.

For as long as I can remember Maths has always been my main academic interest. From learning to add and subtract at my primary school, to studying integration for my Mathematics A-level, I have always found this subject intriguing. My fascination with Mathematics has allowed me to excel in the subject throughout the years: I have been in the top group since primary school, I gained an A grade in my Mathematics GCSE at secondary school and most recently I attained a grade B at AS-level, all achievements of which I am extremely proud. During the school placement week, I secured a post with one of the UK's largest financial service groups and it was here that I had the privilege of shadowing a top business analyst. He took me under his wing and revealed how he used mathematics every day to complete a plethora tasks. For instance, he talked me through the importance of using probability to test the validity of economic and financial theories and hence I opted to study Statistics at A- level. Over the course of the week, guided by experts in their field, I continued to observe first-hand how mathematics played a key role in the daily operations of the business, from technological development all the way through to data analysis. I observed how they detect and rectify faults within an IT system and I followed financial professionals as they calculated monthly repayments using the amortization calculation formula.

My placement allowed me to appreciate mathematics in a whole new light, as a subject that it is not only one of the world's most ancient disciplines but a subject that it is still at the very core of our 21st century lives.

On weekends, I work eight-hour shifts for one of the world's largest restaurant chains: preparing food, serving on the tills and helping out in the dining area. Having worked in this fast paced environment for over a year now, I have demonstrated that I can keep on top of my revision, homework and chores, all whilst holding down a demanding part-time job. I juggle all these things by adhering to a strict timetable which still enables me the time for leisure. In the near future I aspire to become a teacher of Mathematics and studying Psychology at A level has helped me to understand the cognitive functioning of our minds which is essential for teaching. Volunteering as a young leader for my local scout group has also given me the leadership skills required when teaching.

I assisted young individuals on a camp, helping senior leaders to organise certain activities as well as cooking for the whole group, all which I extremely enjoyed. My personality, as well as my non-academic interests, define me as a creative and gregarious young man who works well independently and as part of a team.

I have a great work ethic and believe that a great attitude and hard work are key characteristics for success at university and a future career as a Maths teacher. My commitment to both my studies and my work highlights that I am a hardworking, dedicated and intelligent young man who possesses the energy and the drive to become a successful Mathematics graduate at your university.

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