PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Pre-Registration Midwifery Personal Statement

Submitted by Amelia

Pre-Registration Midwifery Personal Statement

Submitted by Amelia

Something that has always enthralled me about becoming a midwife is the emotional fulfilment that the role presents. I was further encouraged to pursue my studies by the midwives that delivered my niece in 2015. The support that was given by these professionals inspired me in my desire to deliver the same high standard of care to future mothers, ensuring that each individual woman will feel as comfortable and secure as possible during their pregnancy. The role of a midwife is much more than delivering babies, and I look forward to providing attention and guidance to women in both antenatal and postnatal scenarios. The structure of the course attracts me as I will learn a lot from the intensity of the workload, as well as my attendance at placements in both hospital environments and community settings.

I am currently studying an Access to Nursing and Healthcare course, which is providing me with a great basis for my education. I particularly enjoy Biology, as I love learning to understand the way that the body works. Before my Access course, I completed A-Levels in Psychology, English Literature and Business Studies. Studying Psychology has aided my education as I have learned of the mental illnesses that can easily affect mothers during pregnancy and beyond, such as depression and bipolar affective disorder. Studying English Literature has encouraged me to explore the effects of postnatal depression, which was stimulated by my reading of 'The Yellow Wallpaper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I am especially interested in the care of mothers after birth, in order to try and prevent or reduce any feelings of depression.

In my spare time, I volunteer at Derriford hospital on a maternity ward. Whilst there, I help midwives and other healthcare professionals to care for mothers and their babies. I am based in Transitional Care, which has shown me the struggle that midwives can face as they look after women who have experienced problems before, during or after the birth of their child. This has prepared me for the variety of subjects and aspects that I will be taught about on my degree course as I have encountered several different aspects of what midwives do on a daily basis. My sense of empathy has also been demonstrated, as the ward can be an emotionally difficult place to be.

When I am not volunteering, I have a part-time job in retail, in which I have met and engaged with a wide range of people from different backgrounds. This has enriched my communication skills, something that will definitely be of use in my studies and in my career. I work as part of a large team and I highly value my ability to work well with other people, as well as independently.

I enjoy keeping myself updated with recent happenings in midwifery, in addition to other forms of nursing, as I find it invigorating to learn about what current professionals are experiencing. I subscribe to several newspapers and sites, such as The Nursing Times, which also provides me with insight into the lives of current healthcare students, helping to prepare me for what to expect at university.

If accepted onto the course, I would be able to develop my knowledge and gain expertise on home birthing, which I hope to encourage women in the future to consider as there has been such a huge decline in home births over the last 15 years, with a shockingly low 1 in 50 babies being born at home in 2016.

I believe I will be able to overcome any obstacles I may face in my studies as I know how to manage my time effectively and prioritise work, which I have shown in previous education by submitting coursework before deadlines, alongside part-time work and my volunteer placement. I believe that the degree will prepare me well for my career, as well as any further education upon completion. I know that I can succeed in studying Midwifery at university as I believe I possess the potential to be a strong student, fully committed to my professional study.

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