PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Submitted by Mary

Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Submitted by Mary

Moving from Finland to the UK to start sixth form was a great decision as it allowed me to study the subjects that I am most passionate about. Economics fascinates me with how dynamic it is as a social science. Studying business studies and mathematics alongside this subject has been a great benefit. My mathematical modules have enhanced my ability to solve problems in a logical manner and approach problems with a wide perspective. The range of concepts, theory and history has been a joy to study.

My desire to expand my knowledge and analytical skills which one day could be implemented in an organisation underlies my desire to continue to study at a degree of level and pursue my goals. One of the many aspects of economics and business studies which I find curious and rewarding is behaviour economics and how individual and organisation decision making provides the foundation on which economic theories and models are constructed. It is fascinating how these models broken down can be used to analyze and evaluate situations in an applied manner which are relevant in our world and to organisation decision making. Past and present circumstances highlight how important studying economics is especially regarding the interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data. The colorful economic history, such as the recent financial crisis, the ever-changing political landscape, drive my enthusiasm to study at degree level, thus gaining further knowledge to understand how these events influence and impact organisations and individuals across the economy.

Studying economics and business studies has enabled me to become more engaged and have a deeper understanding when reading about topics which, unfortunately, are not within the A-level syllabus. One such topic which has intrigued me is game theory, which was also covered in the book 'Prisoner's Dilemma' by William Poundstone. The book describes how Game Theory can be applied in a range of subjects including economics and with the use of mathematical method and consideration of internal and external factors it can be used as a model for understanding organisation and individual decision making in for example competition pricing, and how this is arguably truer within an oligopolistic market structure. Spending holiday periods working for my family's electrical engineering company has given me insight in to how precise and organised businesses have to be to perform overall and on a management level in order to save costs to be competitive; how factors such as the economy and uncertainty of for example future raw material prices along with finance affect costings when producing quotations and how government legislation influences activities. The experience has merely shown how economics and management incorporate within each other and fosters my desire to further my knowledge in this area.

Having lived and studied in Wales, New Zealand and Finland and now England and having had the opportunity to visit places such as China, Malaysia and many European countries, I have experienced many different cultures. These experiences have made me realize how economics shapes and influences society, and have helped grow my appreciation for the subject.

I was born in Finland and speak the language fluently but my mother tongue is English. I spent the early years of my childhood living in Wales but from the age of five I lived in Rotorua New Zealand before returning to Finland. The challenge of learning Finnish when moving to Joensuu at the age of 9 was aided by also engaging in the culture and wider sporting community. I ended up captaining Lahti, a large city academy football team, and travelled extensively throughout Europe with the club to places such as Norway, Spain, Sweden and Estonia. These experiences developed my confidence and communication skills, flexibility and adaptability as I had to learn Finnish and adapt to a new culture. My other hobbies consist of sailing and assembling computers.

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