PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Submitted by Susan

Adult Nursing Personal Statement

Submitted by Susan

My ambition is to study Adult Nursing in university. Since I was a young girl it has been my dream to help people in need. I have a great interest in science and I plan to extend my study and understand it as much as I can.

My mum has been the main influencer for my desired course. She is also a nurse and she never comes home from work complaining as she loves her job. I regularly go to her ward and I’m very friendly with the staff and patients.

I did work experience at Peamount Hospital Dublin in 2015 also and I loved it. The staff were so lovely in answering all my questions and the patients were very kind. I also did work experience in Kerdiffstown, Co. Kildare in an elderly holiday home as I worked as a volunteer in a St. Vincent’s De Paul’s shop with my aunt in summer 2016. Every week, I saw new faces and experience different personalities and each were all unique in their own way!

These experiences have helped me choose what career in life that I want to take. I want to bring smiles to people’s faces. I want to be a helping hand and make a difference in people’s lives. Since then I have been determined to not only help people in pain, I want to have the independence of making my own decisions and building friendly relationships with my clients.

Ever since I took up Biology for Irish Leaving Certificate, I have been fascinated with the body have always wondered why certain instances can have a positive/negative affect. I would like to broaden my studies in this area.

In Transition Year I was very lucky to her the opportunity in developing my people’s skills and completing a first aid course. I love helping people and I feel that doing this course will help me improve my people skills and help me become a better person overall. I think nurses are wonderful people. They are overshadowed my doctors and other professions. Nurses are the ones who reassure patients that they are on their way to a full recovery and provide them with as much care and optimism. Watching my mum with patients made me acknowledge the impact nurses can have on people’s lives.

I have been my class representative for three different occasions: student council,debs and graduation committee.I am also a Meitheal leader this year. A Meitheal leader are 10 chosen final year students selected my interview to be responsible for the incoming first years and to make their transition into secondary school from primary school to be as smooth as possible.These roles involve meetings that involve both students and staff and I try my best to speak my opinions and try to implement changes. These responsibilities have refined and strengthened my time management and organisational skills.

The reason I want to study Adult Nursing in United Kingdom rather than Ireland is that the UK offers many more opportunities.The Graduate Prospects for Nursing students in the UK are impressively high and the profession is in demand whether private or NHS considering it is a very populated country. This university offers practical skills and I feel like the clinical placements across various healthcare settings will help me understand the course more. It gives me a chance to learn in action rather than theory.

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