PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Sociology Personal Statement

Submitted by Jasmine

Sociology Personal Statement

Submitted by Jasmine

One of my greatest desires is to analyse, evaluate and explain. I would love to study sociology because I am constantly questioning why people carry out particular actions within society, and upon the realisation that our lives are constantly influenced by societal factors, my determination for understanding society itself has only grew. My interests in sociology first developed when I started my A-Level study. I learnt about how our ordinary lives are determined by individuals in situations of power. As the course deepened, my curiosity led me into a need for understanding concerning demanding issues and issues within society, inspiring me to find the explanations for why they happen. Therefore, I wish to study a degree in sociology, to fulfil my need for understanding, and to continue exploring the societal cause and effect relations that I am utterly absorbed in.

Whilst studying my A Level in sociology, I have been able to engage in serious, thought-provoking debate surrounding areas of society, such as sexism, feminism, Marxism and religion. These ideas gave me the confidence to express my opinions to the extent that I actively take part in group discussions. Throughout this course, I have also been able to improve my feedback skills when knowing what is needed to reach the high grades I am aiming for. In addition, I have been able to boost my analytical and evaluative skills, allowing me to achieve a higher grade. These are skills that are essential for University level studies. I have learnt to consider people’s views that oppose my own personal opinions, allowing me to become much more open-minded. I use the media to keep updated on the consistent changes in society, in multiple aspects, ranging from political to religious, education to crime. These ideas, and my constant questioning of reliability of these sources has helped to contour me as a person, as well as my sociological perspectives.

Studying a GCSE and A level in History has also helped me to understand sociology, studying the differing attitudes towards society over time, and researching societal changes through the ages enabled me to note the progression and the impacts of change. Studying History has helped me learn that acknowledging patterns throughout time can be critical to our understanding of the present and current affairs. Completing my extended project qualification has also been of much use to me in understanding sociology, as it has enabled me to better my writing style, but more importantly, it has improved my ability to analyse primary and secondary sources, where societal norms and values are challenged, has helped me grasp the issues of the time period and context they were written in.

Additionally, other extra-curricular activities I have been involved with have also given me a wealth of experience. They have allowed me to improve myself over time and cultivate new skills; completing the National Citizen Service, and training to be a junior leader with Burton Venture-Trust have allowed me to understand the value of good teamwork, accept new ideas and co-operate with others and how these personalities can be vital to attaining success. My part-time job as a waitress has made me adaptable and also developed my sense of time management; and more so, it has allowed me to appreciate how a strong work ethic can be tremendously gratifying. I had to learn to work as a team quickly to be able to keep customers satisfied, showing how I have gained the ability to adapt quickly to unfamiliar environments. Completing multiple work experience placements at John Taylor High School, Armitage Shanks and Glover Priest Solicitors has allowed me to explore different work atmospheres where in addition to gaining organisation skills, I have learned to be self-reliant.

I would love the opportunity to study sociology with you as I am passionate, dedicated, motivated and truly wish to have the opportunity to pursue such an intriguing course and learn as much as I can in the field of sociology. The opportunity to study this subject will only increase my appetite and drive for understanding society, the people around me and myself.

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