PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Sociology Personal Statement

Submitted by Beth

Sociology Personal Statement

Submitted by Beth

Sociology to me is a way of understanding other people's norms and behaviours within society. I am profoundly interested in how we as a society have distinguished between the superior and inferior. Perhaps Nietzsche was correct with his theory of the 'Ubermensch'. My passion to study Sociology is rooted in my travels.

Throughout the past three years I have had the privilege of being able to travel around the world visiting Europe and Asia. As I visited each continent, it became vivid that we in Britain take much for granted. I am also mindful of the poverty, inequality and mass social exclusion that divides the elite and poor.

The recognisable contrast of other societies, political and economic systems to our own in the United Kingdom are extremely apparent. Being able to explore the world and see how the different societies and cultures within live such contrasted lifestyles has made me eager to learn more. I believe through studying a Sociology course I will grasp a deeper understanding into the reasoning behind our actions and decisions as humans. I am encouraged to study this subject as it compactly meshes a number of my academic interests together, including History, Politics, Sociology and Psychology. I am eager to understand more about controversial topics within today's society such a gender, sexuality and religion.

Throughout my school life, I have acquired a number of personal skills and qualities. I played and captained my school hockey team, thus I have learnt how to become an independent leader and motivator; I have also learnt how to work as part of a team. Extending my teamwork skills I participated in Bronze Duke of Edinburgh in 2014, whilst tackling many of the obstacles on the expedition I have learned to become a more compassionate, confident and stronger individual. Victoria College have gave me a number of opportunities to broaden my knowledge of the world we live in via volunteering and work experience. Through my A Level Health and Social Care, I have been afforded the opportunity to attended a number of events such as an Intergenerational Project, Disability NI Boccia Competition, and through the course I visited the Victoria Preparatory Department once every two weeks.

Although, I took the opportunity with work experience to change the type of setting than the ones I had previously experienced via volunteering. My work experience took place in Ballybeen Women's Centre. During my placement, I learnt a range of new interesting facts and problems that take place within communities and how at the Centre they try to provide a solution. I shadowed in a variety of settings; firstly, preschool, this setting allowed me to make links with my Health and Social Care course at As Level helping me understand the mannerisms and behaviourism of the children. Secondly, I shadowed a family development worker and got an insight into how family structures work and how factors such as income, environment and society have heavily impact on people's lives. I am enjoying my chosen A Level subjects; Digital Technology is teaching me how the world has entered a digital era.

I understand how technology is expanding and becoming more assertive to our daily needs, thus most working environments depend on technology. For this reason I find it is a helpful and necessary qualification to have. Secondly, Religious Studies has elevated my knowledge on many worldviews, religions and cultures, thus I now look at the world through a different lens. Ethics has provoked my interest as it tries to understand how we morally behave as a society. Lastly, Health and Social Care has enhanced my passion to study Sociology as I move into my next academic chapter of life.

I am stimulated to apply many of my relevant experience to much of the areas of the Sociology course. I find these subjects compliment the modules within the course i.e. UK Social Policies, Criminology and Psychology alongside the volunteering opportunities at the University.

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