PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Sociology and Politics Personal Statement

Submitted by Sammah

Sociology and Politics Personal Statement

Submitted by Sammah

Being a young adult, the repercussions of the UK leaving the EU will have a lasting effect on my future. Thus, it has made me consider the social consequences the country may face; in particular the loss of trade partnerships with 28 countries. As laws are shaped on traditions and social customs, it is intriguing to see how laws will be implemented by our current Government. The interconnected nature of Politics and Sociology emphasises the role society has with policy making. This demonstrates that if it was not for society, the government would not be able to enforce laws that are favourable to state. Thus, it is safe to conclude that one cannot function without the other and It is for such reasons that I would like to study these subjects further at undergraduate level.

Studying AS-level Psychology has been very influential, thus enabling me to enquire about human decisions and behaviours. Owing to the complexity of Psychology, I am eager to unravel why society is so prominent in an individual's moral decision making. For instance, my study of social influence in Psychology has enhanced my knowledge of exploring views of human nature through a realist perspectives in Politics. Having not chosen Sociology at A-level, I carried out research to gain further insight into the subject and discovered that conformity correlates with the self-fulfilling prophecy; a theory stating that a prediction will come true simply with it being made.

Through experiencing compliance first hand and progressing onto striving against the expectations that others have of myself, I have worked to exceed such expectations. As a result, I now have my own personal goals of breaking any and every glass ceiling; a key concept that is vital for us as Sociologists to explore. In addition, Politics has confirmed my choice of studying Sociology at university. As an ethnic minority of working class status, I am attentive to the many barriers that I may face in the upcoming future. Having read multiple publishers,it has come to no surprise that 'the working-class children get less of everything in education'. With the introduction of policies such as marketization under the Education Reform Act(1988),there has been various attempts at creating equality between social groups. However,there is no doubt that inequality still exists, as racism is explicitly expressed through current events, such as slave trading in Libya.

A key event that has enriched my passion for this degree was the 16-plus 'Question Time' at Westminster Abbey. It was particularly interesting to be involved in a discussion with a member of the Conservative Party about whether or not the voting age should be lowered to 16. Consequently, these inequalities has increased my interest in exploring Sociology and Politics, allowing me to be a part of a positive change and consuming an active role in society. I have also previously been involved in an insight day at a law firm known as Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer. This interaction has allowed me to build on skills such as group work, presenting and leadership, all of which are key transferable skills and will benefit me as an undergraduate. A task given was to negotiate a suitable price for a tenant that wanted to buy a house, this enabled me to put my communication skills into use and consider other social and economic factors.

Furthermore, my involvement with Amnesty encouraged me to research human rights and shed further light on controversial and disregarded problems on a global scale. Making change within Society and Politics can only begin with education of these subjects. I am excited to begin this journey within a university environment. In particular, it is fascinating to see how social problems are constructed and dealt with through public policy.

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