PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Sociology Personal Statement

Submitted by Laury

Sociology Personal Statement

Submitted by Laury

The world in which we live is regularly in flux. Not only do phenomenon such as the seasons and time ceaselessly change and rotate, but the dynamics and ideas of our society too endlessly evolve, and new social norms emerge. Consensus attitudes valued in modern society have developed over past centuries, and our ideas on topics such as ethnicity and gender are being centred on universal equality, and these concepts are widely rooted in current affairs and debates. It is these facts that have captivated me and led me to aspire to study a degree in Sociology, which I foresee will enable me to explore and enrich my own standpoint on these types of topics, whilst being able to orchestrate personal research to find out the beliefs of others. The study of Sociology has made me an active and well-informed member of society, and studying it at degree level is a prospect I am eager to embark on.

Through studying Sociology, I have been awakened in the pursuit of discovering my own views on the systems in society. For example, I once believed that religion is a reflection of the oppression of the working class, and that the elite benefit from a strong religious force in the lower classes. However, upon finishing the religion topic, I now hold a view similar to that of Functionalists, believing religion gives people a sense of belonging, and creates a platform for them to share beliefs and express their faith collectively. The way that Sociology has the power to transform people's beliefs and create the desire to seek one’s personal views, as it did mine, is a factor that motivates me to continue to develop my Sociological skills and furthermore, use those skills to make a positive contribution to wider society.

Discovering this great interest in Sociology has prompted my desire to study the fast-changing social world in which we live. It has allowed me to attain such as critical thinking, extended essay writing, and awareness of the world around me. My formal lessons have featured discussions on issues including religion and crime, and it is topics such as these that have driven my fascination for the subject.

Outside of school, I have passions lying in the arts. I volunteer as a 'Student Assistant' at my local dance school, which I have been a member of since 3 years old. I regularly assist in the teaching of younger students and may lead sections of their lessons on my own. It is here I learnt disciplines such as commitment, responsibility and dedication, and it's these same qualities that have enabled me to succeed within the field of academia and have helped shaped me into a resilient student who strives for excellence in all areas of life. I have also previously dedicated time to performing at the Birmingham Children's Hospital and at multiple charity events. This has been an extremely rewarding and heart-warming set of experiences, as it allowed me to empathise with those who are less fortunate than me, and provided me with a sense of fulfilment that only comes from helping others.

In order to broaden my understanding of the significance of Sociology today, I am currently taking time to read 'What Use is Sociology?' By Zygmunt Bauman. Having this additional knowledge puts me in a favourable position to ensure it is the career path I wish to undertake, while entering University with prior insight into the subject. I am enthused about the potential career prospects that this degree can provide, and I am particularly interested in the field of human resources and international aid, as both of these allow me to use my compassion to help those who are living in poverty or difficult situations.

I consider myself a driven and vivacious student, who is always seeking ways I can improve my work and engage in external activities that will increase my personal and academic growth. I am very passionate about Sociology, and I believe that my academic background alongside my extra-curricular pursuits makes me ideal for this course.

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