PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Primary Education Personal Statement

Submitted by Lily

Primary Education Personal Statement

Submitted by Lily

“Let’s play teachers, I’ll be Miss Lily”: the words that led me to realise I wanted to be a primary school teacher. It was ‘Miss Lily’ as somehow Miss ‘surname’ seemed too formal as well as being a little too complicated for 4 year olds to call you on work experience. During this period, I worked with children from reception through to year 6 and met many different children. I mainly worked with children one on one, helping those who found the work more challenging as well as listening to KS1 children read, helping to prepare class materials and helping with sports day. Some children I worked with were very challenging and I was asked to take some them out of the class and work with them one on one in the library, I soon realised how difficult it must be for teacher’s to help children who are particularly struggling (or troublesome!) as well as teaching and supporting the whole class. I did find it challenging myself trying to get unwilling children to do their work but I loved the sense of achievement when I finally got through to them, helping them to learn and understand things and realised that perhaps I was in fact cut out to teach. On a separate occasion I also helped out at an after school photography club at a primary school, I loved how I could combine something I enjoyed doing whilst working in a school environment with the children.

As I have interest in a wide range of subject areas and activities such as religious studies, history and geography I believe this would benefit me, and the students, as I will be passionate and enthusiastic when I teach them. I believe I possess many of the skills required to be a good teacher, many that were developed further during my work experience; my organisation, patience and positive energy being just a few examples. I love the idea that I will somehow be able to shape the future of young children and play an important role in their development. I also understand just how challenging and demanding the role of a primary school teacher is but I think it is a very rewarding career that I would be very suited to.

I am a very caring person making me well-suited to working with children and I believe I have a positive personality and cheerful disposition that can engage children effectively as well as being able to maintain a good rapport with the students. At college I study classical civilisation, modern history and BTEC law. As well as this I decided to do an EPQ which further demonstrates my diligent attitude.

I am confident that all the transferable skills I have acquired during my EPQ such as time management and research skills will be incredibly beneficial to me and will prepare me for my time at university. I also work part-time at The Card Factory which has really developed my confidence in recent months.

My communication skills have also improved and I have gained a sense of responsibility I didn’t have before, knowing people rely on me and depend on my hard work and commitment to providing good customer service. I believe I am incredibly well suited to being a primary school teacher possessing many important qualities and I am sure that it will certainly prove to be a rewarding and fulfilling, albeit certainly challenging career.

I hope that studying primary education at university will equip me with the skills that will allow me to be a successful teacher and that my enthusiasm stands out allowing me to proceed on the pathway to becoming a qualified teacher.

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Study at Roehampton, one of UK's leading providers of teacher training. Partnered with hundreds of schools, you'll get all the experience you need.

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