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7 Cheap Exercise Strategies for Students

Uni Compare  · Dec 10th 2021

We have found cheap exercise for students and some great ideas to keep you healthy in body and mind.

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Exercise is a great way to release endorphins and stress, however, becoming a student will tighten your student budget making certain activities less accessible.

1.) Yoga

Yoga is a brilliant type of exercise. It strengthens your core muscles as well as improves balance and posture. It is also free! You can buy a DVD to help you learn the basic poses, meditation and breathing techniques and then you can take this information to continue on your own. Look out for classes at your local gym that are on offer, or even deals online with Wowcher and Groupon. You can also find amazing free yoga videos on YouTube free of charge!

Cheap exercise for students

2.) Invest in a bike

If you don’t live in halls (have a look at what you need to know about halls, here) investing in a bike will save you a lot of money on travel and keep you fit. Bikes will save more compared to driving a car, without having to pay road tax, insurance, MOT and petrol. Research the type of route you will be taking to university and find the best bike for your journey. Look for big brands or outdoor specialist shops as they may even take student discounts! Just make sure you're aware of the highway code and the possibilities of running into other pedestrians, maybe even look into the cycling proficiency test.

3.) University gym

Most universities have a gym, and this will be perfect for any students living in halls. The gym membership will be discounted for students, and the facilities will be right outside your door! As it is on campus, it is easier to quickly pop to the gym for a workout to fit around your studies and university lifestyle. It may even have really flexible opening times!

4.) No gym on campus?

If you don’t have a gym on campus, then investigate the gyms in your local town or area. The new year may bring some extra discounts than any other time as this is when people are most health-conscious. If not you can always ask if they have a student discount scheme.

5.) Swimming

If the gym membership is too much for your pocket, look into swimming at your closest leisure centre as a pay as you go, which may work out cheaper than a full membership. You may find that during busy exam season you won’t find time to attend and you want to make the most out of the payments as you can.

Cheap exercise for university students

6.) Outside

The outdoors is free! You can take up running or jogging and plan your own route. The best thing about doing it on your own is that you can pick it up at any time, without having to work to appointments with personal trainers or the gym opening times.

7.) Useful Apps

  • Strava Cycling – This app measures your speed, distance and even elevation and you are able to compete with other cyclists who have also ridden your route!
  • TempoRun – The app creates a playlist for your workouts by you choosing a tempo. Now you have a playlist ready for every type of workout you want and at the speed you need!
  • Nike Training Club – A complete service from Nike, there is advice, workout regimes, recipes and tips. You can set workouts for a specific time and even target certain areas you want to work on.
  • Fitocracy – This app is perfect for anyone lacking motivation. You can collect points by logging the more exercise you do, and it isn’t just the boring sit-ups and treadmill either! You can log dance classes or weight lifting.
  • iMuscle – If you are interested in toning up or strengthening certain areas of your body this is the place to go. It even gives you detailed diagrams of anatomy, so you know how to get the best out of your workouts.

Do you know of any great exercise apps? Let us know what apps help to keep you in shape.

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