PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Ankush

Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Submitted by Ankush

I have always desired to understand feelings, behaviour and the human mind; always been driven toward solving the questions that start with why. However, after leading many spontaneous counselling sessions with friends, witnessing the empowering feeling it brings to simply aid someone find a way forward, instead I also became driven toward solving the questions that start with how. I would deem it a privilege to take the time with someone to answer how they can move forward from their situation and how they can deal with whatever hand life has dealt them, as well as being able to diagnose any conditions before initiating treatment. All of these feelings have led me to aspire toward the rewarding career path of becoming a therapist or councillor and I believe this degree would lay down the foundations I would need for this to happen. Following on from this, I would strive towards a Master’s degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy to get closer to my chosen career and enhance my undergraduate skills.

Upon volunteering with Scropton Riding for the Disabled Centre, I was able to witness the psychological impacts living with disabilities had, such as the extra sense of fear implemented in everything both the children and parents did. But on the other hand I saw the psychological benefits the horsemanship brought to the children, even just for a small time, as they were able to express their enjoyment for an activity the same as an able bodied child simply through laughter and smiling. As well as this, I have also participated in shadowing a health visitor, in this I saw new mothers suffering from postnatal depression but also struggling to understand the normality of this condition. From studying sociology I learnt society places many stigmas upon psychological conditions such as postnatal depression through a lack of understanding about it; I was able to apply this knowledge and analysis when observing how the mothers suffering deemed themselves as inadequate. All of this experience inspired me further toward working to help people overcome psychological conditions which inhibit their way of life and relationships with those around them. I have recently begun learning about “Straightness training” with my own horse; this is used to enhance an understanding of the psychology behind why horses act a certain way and help to find solutions. This has enabled me to witness an alternative approach to interpreting behaviour; but in a way in which the participant is not able to communicate or explain through speech. Because of this, I have been able to further develop skills in observing feelings and emotions, which I feel would greatly benefit me when doing so with humans in counselling practice.

I have studied sociology at both GCSE and A-level and from this I have learnt invaluable skills in analysis of society as a whole, however, this has only motivated me more to learn about the individuals that make up this society. I feel studying about psychology or psychotherapy would allow me to do this through understanding not only different conditions but also the motives behind people’s actions. I have also developed the skill of being able to use studies made by sociologists in my essay writing. My essay writing skills and structuring have also developed through A-Level English Literature, as well as my analysis skills developed further through A-Level history.

I feel I would be most suitable for this course as I am able to display compassion and sympathy but also critical thinking toward a subject I am greatly passionate about. Many people wonder why someone would choose to work in an environment infiltrated with misery; however I have reached the realisation that the ever-changing world we live in is indisputable and as opposed to dwelling on the unfortunate events, it is essential that focus is placed upon the recovery. Quite simply, I believe the perfect opportunity to make any positive change is only granted through being surrounded by what was once misery.

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