Submitted by Emily

Biology Personal Statement

Submitted by Emily

I have always been fascinated by the complex and elegant blend of science and art that cosmetics demonstrate. My passion to study cosmetics has evolved over time, from first wanting to create makeup products for aesthetic purposes to now wanting to develop lines of skincare products that can aid in the cure of skin diseases. Biochemistry is integral to cosmetic science, as it will provide me with the scientific background necessary to design products that will target skin cells directly and safely.

My aspiration to study biochemistry inspired me to read around the subject. When reading "Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life" by Nick Lane, I found Denham Harman's mitochondrial theory of ageing and the idea that the rate of ageing and onset of degenerative diseases is determined by the rate of free-radical leakage from the mitochondria greatly intriguing. By furthering my knowledge of apoptosis and its implication for ageing, I hope to further the technological advance to see skincare products that focus on protecting and repairing mitochondrial assaults on shelves in beauty supply stores worldwide. Whilst not only learning of how I wish to increase the amount of biotechnological products in the cosmetic industry, I have also grown to appreciate the breadth of biological disciplines with which biochemistry overlaps. The recent court case of Charlie Gard caught my attention and led me to read about the disease that sadly led to his death, encephalomyopathy mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. The fact that many diseases are caused by biochemical faults has inspired me to want to extend my knowledge of immunology, specifically disease diagnosis and vaccine development, as I believe that a greater understanding of syndromes will aide with the ability to find a cure for them.

I completed a week's work experience at University of the Arts London, working alongside the university's careers manager and the student recruitment team. One of my tasks was to analyse the data from the graduate questionnaires and to produce graphs relevant to each question, and thus derive conclusions from the results. I also aided with the organisation and set up of the undergraduate interviews and open days, by designing boards that informed prospective students of what the course entailed in an educational yet artistic way.

In addition to my academic achievements, I have a large range of interests, including creating prosthetic makeup looks. Through this hobby I have been able to visit Pinewood Studios to shadow Bafta award winning makeup artist Shauna Harrison. I apply the same ethics of hard work and determination to both my studies and my artwork. A high attention to accuracy is required to seamlessly apply prosthetics to one's face; this precision has since been translated into my lab work, increasing my accuracy and strives for perfection when completing practical experiments. Over the past two years, I have enjoyed the challenge of balancing my studies with the demanding job of teaching young children to swim. I feel my job has developed my responsibility skills by ensuring safety standards are followed in sessions and that the necessary risk assessments have been undertaken. To ensure the students are successful in achieving their swimming awards, continuous enthusiasm, perseverance and strong communication between the students and parents is vital. I have completed my Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards and am currently undertaking my Gold. The expeditions have tested me both physically and mentally, and have taught me how to be self-sufficient. Being the team director of my NCS team encouraged me to lead and work with new people, which I believe are the skills necessary to working in a laboratory environment.

I would relish in the opportunity to study the rapidly advancing industry of Biochemistry at university, to gain the knowledge I wish to transfer into the cosmetic products I one-day hope to design.

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