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Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Since studying science at primary school level, I have been compelled by the complex and dynamic nature of the human body and the functions of all its subsystems. In addition to the theoretical facets of science, I have thoroughly enjoyed the practical aspect throughout my academic career. This has driven me to study science at a higher level.

I was recently given the opportunity to spend two weeks at UCL Hospital, observing surgeries and shadowing doctors on their daily shifts. Witnessing appendectomy procedures, the removal of varicose veins and atherosclerosis operations expanded my interest in human anatomy and physiology, introducing me to new skills and knowledge. Comparing normal saphenous veins to those of a patient suffering deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins taught me the importance of every blood vessel in the function of the mammalian body. The way organisms react to various pathogens and medicines or drugs interests me, encouraging me to want to explore developmental biology in depth.

Furthermore, observing at the UCH Macmillan Centre exposed me to the role of oncologists in providing post-operative care to cancer patients. This experience also allowed me to understand the prevalence and biology of cancer in our society today; a key area of Biomedical science. Due to this, cellular and molecular biology have become aspects of Biomedical Science that I am excited to delve deeper into. I attended a Multidisciplinary Team Meeting where pathologists and surgeons discussed the treatment options of 50 breast cancer patients. This interesting exposure demonstrated the importance of the teamwork, social and leadership skills required for this type of career, motivating me to take on the role of Assistant Head of the Student Leadership Team in my school.

Studying A-Level Biology and Chemistry have enhanced and developed my interest in human anatomy and physiology, as well as complex metabolic processes such as respiration and have also given me an insight on cellular pathology. Inspired to complete a science project in my school on the effect of recreational drugs on the human body and mind, I explored the compound 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Comparing the psychoactive effects of cannabis to the naturally occurring “bliss” molecule Anandamide, I discovered the many similarities between the two compounds. This aided me in increasing my knowledge of the mechanisms of drug action  alongside my A-Level courses, further encouraging me to study Biomedical Science.

As a part of the Biomedical science profession, communicating with patients and clients with different backgrounds is essential, due to the fact that the UK has become very diverse, with different languages being spoken. Mastering my native language as well as being fluent in English has enabled me to cooperatively assist in Arabic lessons at a local primary school, with the ability to teach children up to the age of 12 the basics of the language. It has also enabled me to improve my communication skills as managing young children requires a high level of leadership, order and patience. I also trained with the Metropolitan Police Cadets for a year during 2013, which has allowed me to enhance my level of self-discipline and control, qualities that are crucial when going into any line of work or higher education. Currently, I read the online Medical News Today forum, through which I keep up to date on current medical affairs and apply my current knowledge on mammalian physiology, drug action and cellular biology.

I am confident that my academic knowledge, along with my skills and expertise gained from various experiences, will make me succeed in the esteemed profession of Biomedical Science.

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