PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement

Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement

Health is the most important aspect of life; without health all else is useless. Although often unseen, biomedical scientists play an integPral role in everyone’s life. Scientists have influenced lives of people through researching, preventing and treating many different diseases, they also have the ability to change individual lives which is what pushes me towards the career. My curiosity in biology, in particular the mechanisms of the human body, ignited my interest to study Biomedical sciences. The immunology module I studied during my academic years is one that I find thrilling.

I am inquisitive and meticulous in nature; therefore I am determined to carry out further research to extend my understanding of the subject. I read an article from Clinical Advances in Haematology and Oncology about immunology and breast cancer. I discovered that many clinical trials of anticancer vaccines and immune checkpoint inhibitors are being conducted. I learnt that a variety of immune cells control malignant progression, currently modulated by targeted chemotherapy. Tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes are used as adoptive cell transfers into patients as a form of cancer immunotherapy. The fact that such therapies use the immune system to treat some diseases captivates me and is why I want to understand the depth of human anatomy to potentially help to cure life threatening diseases. Studying chemistry and maths has developed my analytical and problem solving skills. Chemistry helps deepen my knowledge of biology: interpreting spectrums in chemistry in order to identify the structure of a compound is a skill essential for biomedical scientists when analysing tissue fluid and other samples.

Alongside the study of microorganisms in biology, studying the complexity of the human body, from single cells to the way the human body functions is something that interests me. I carried out work experience at a dental lab to experience the health sector at first hand. From shadowing laboratory technicians in conducting research and studies, I learnt the importance of ancillary staff, with scientists playing a vital role in innovating new treatments to improve healthcare. Biomedical Science plays a vital role for those that are dependent on drugs. I was fortunate enough to carry out a placement at a care home which gave me insight into the importance medicine has in the lives of elderly people. Speaking to people I found many cases where they had increased dosage or changed medication as the body had combated previous drugs, thus signalling the importance of continual research.

I enjoy taking on responsibility such as House Captain at school, which taught me the importance of listening to peers and addressing issues. The Duke of Edinburgh award gave me the chance to face challenges and find creative solutions to them as I assisted a visually impaired group member. I relish the opportunity to face challenges and find creative solutions to obstacles which was shown when I successfully completed my award. A key quality for university is self-motivation. I developed this while undertaking the Envision programme. The objective was to choose an issue affecting my local community, I chose domestic abuse. As group leader, I developed my time and project management skills when producing a number of ‘survival packs’ for these victims. For me, the biggest reward came when we handed these packs to the victims. I am still involved with the charity we worked with. As a biomedical scientist I would be involved in researching advanced solutions to health problems which make a difference to people’s lives, something these projects have prepared me for. My experiences reflect my passion to contribute to science.

My keenness to research, expand my knowledge, and affect lives in a positive way underpins my decision to study biomedical science. I have the commitment and desire to succeed at university, and be an asset to the Biomedical science field.

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Tailor your studies towards a career in research, innovation or healthcare with Swansea University's range of biomedical sciences degrees. Foundation Year, BSc and MSci available - there's a place for you at Swansea!

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