PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Biomedical Science Personal Statement

The human body has never ceased to astound me with its diverse mechanisms each working to maintain our life. It is for this reason I wish to study Biomedical Science at a higher level and pursue a career in this field. Constantly, our bodies face challenges in its battle for survival, providing us with limitless possibilities to boundless discoveries. As the world continues to evolve, we, as intellectual beings, are persistently driven to grasp the concept around how the human body functions coherently. I aspire to reveal solutions to countless questions about our body whilst studying Biomedical Science.

With science being the foundation that shapes our society, my desire to improve the lives of others has fuelled my interest to study this course. Having studied Biology, Chemistry and Psychology has allowed me to deepen my knowledge and understand the mechanics behind life on earth. Within these subjects, I was expected to utilise what I had to make what I needed, which I was able to do in numerous of occasions. Studying the sciences has pressed me beyond my recognised abilities and made me to think logically and progressively when confronted with a problem. Along with the sciences, I also study Business Studies, which doesn’t just encompass the simple structure of the world of retail, but covers a range of broad topics. This has helped me develop both personally and professionally as an individual, improving my analytical and application skills. My further qualifications include the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) about the controversy surrounding Schizophrenia and its true nature, during which I learned valuable skills, which I intend to implement whilst completing a Biomedical Science degree.

I partook in two practicals at Coventry University, each on two different occasions. One practical incorporated isolating DNA from buccal epithelium cells within the Human Genetics department. The second experiment was within Drug Design where I produced aspirin. This allowed me to practice my knowledge and unearth my own results. Furthermore, I participated in the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) project as a transatlantic leader which involved communicating with a school in America, and working alongside them in order to complete activities. I have learned to work well under pressure and organise myself effectively. In addition, I lead the Medical Society at school, holding workshops, debates and presentations, enabling students to interact in an area of their desire and express their opinions.

Out of school, I am currently a member of Grape Vine, a volunteer organisation working alongside disabled people and I have been attending regularly this year. Through volunteering, I have raised the awareness of local young people, who lack the voice to be heard, and in addition, been given the opportunity to do things I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

Beyond the purely academic scope, in Winter 2012, I completed my work experience at All Smiles Dental Care, observing a variety of dental work on patients, conducted examinations on dental nurses teeth and also prepared a mould of teeth. Throughout my experience I gained invaluable skills such as independence and drive to complete tasks time effectively and efficiently.

By studying within a continually evolving field, I would strive to develop extensive scientific knowledge during my time at university. I hope to apply this knowledge to make a significant impact to the lives of people and those around them. This, I personally deem, is what makes Biomedical Science such a rewarding career.

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