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Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Having been born in the UK, with parents from Sri Lanka, I have experienced a lot in terms of becoming familiar with and exploring other cultures. I have constantly had to suffer the loss of loved ones throughout my life with the civil war in Sri Lanka and the severe number of other problems which existed there. Earlier this year I lost my Granddad to unnatural causes who had already been injured by the bomb that took the lives of both my Aunt and Grandmother a few years earlier. It is because of these events that I strongly wish to undertake a science/mathematics based course which will allow me to help others in the future whether this is physically, mentally or psychologically.

The Bio-medical course provides the fascinating opportunity to join a part of the industry which plays a substantial role in aiding further medical/scientific developments and creating ways to save and greatly improve the lives of others. Moreover, I wish to take this course over all the vast choices of biological courses as I personally believe this course suits my abilities and is of great interest to me, especially the lab work involving some IT. Furthermore, the course will offer great job opportunities after graduation which will revolve around aiding others and for me that is very important.

My desire and dedication to this type of course is represented through my choice of A level’s. Biology sets the typical foundation for anatomical and botany knowledge. Mathematics is fundamental when it comes to practical work involved in biology and is also important for problem solving. . I also believe History relates to this career as it has proven useful to understand how medical developments changed over time and the factors that contributed to this change. Moreover, I believe History is of great importance for developing analysis, interpretation and organisation skills.

I have studied at Dartford Grammar School for secondary school education till the end of GCSE’s and moved to Wilmington Grammar School, taking A levels over IB. I have taken part in various extracurricular activities including Chess and Cricket as well as taken part in the bronze and silver duke of Edinburgh Awards. I successfully completed my Bronze in 2013 and currently near the end of my Silver with my expedition out of the way and sections done with the certificate and badge to be received shortly. I found D of E an enjoyable experience which also helped me gain crucial teamwork and leadership skills.

Among my achievements, I completed a week’s worth of work experience at Oakfield Primary School in October 2013 and I felt I gained valuable insight of what it is like to work with young children but most importantly with other adults. I believe this work experience is useful as it may help if I am able to obtain a work experience placement or even a job in the future within the pathology labs of an NHS hospital which I’m looking to do in the future at Darent Valley, Queen Elizabeth or Lewisham Hospitals. I hope that I will be given the opportunity to prove my potential and hard-working nature, as well as to redeem my lacklustre AS results that did not clearly represent my ability to perform in many subjects.

As you can see from my references I am easy to work with and I have not had any trouble with teachers nor other students. I am up for a challenge, I am a fast learner and I am looking to do further work experience along the course of this year. This will help me to set a good foundation for use in CV’s and to help me with future prospects. I am a reliable and hard working student and I take and reflect on criticism when given. I believe that gaining these experiences will help me to understand the working environment more clearly and help me pursue possible career paths in the future.

I look forward to the challenges I will face at University and in particular I look forward to interacting with new people and lecturers that I will hopefully build strong relationships with.

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Tailor your studies towards a career in research, innovation or healthcare with Swansea University's range of biomedical sciences degrees. Foundation Year, BSc and MSci available - there's a place for you at Swansea!

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