PERSONAL STATEMENT EXAMPLE Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement

Biomedical Sciences Personal Statement

Since the passing away of my grandfather from bone cancer, I have always been interested in finding out how the systems of the body work, respond to medicinal drugs and the physiology of the body. This has always come across my way of thinking since it provides a wide range of careers like being a clinical biochemist or clinical cytogeneticist which is the path I want to follow after completion of the degree. I am interested in studying biomedical science to have in depth knowledge of the relationships between normal metabolic events, intercellular signalling systems and the immune system that have a massive impact to gross pathology. My dream job after completion of the degree would have to be either working within the pathology services hospitals and laboratories, helping to diagnose various and new diseases and carrying out research on how new pandemic diseases or deadly viruses can be cured.

One area I am keen to study at university is t-cells, because I have recently watched a BBC document called ‘Assassin’ cells home in on HIV. I found out that t-cells are capable of eliminating diseased cells, however tumours pose to be a challenge and that HIV’s power comes from its ability to mutate rapidly in order to avoid detection and destruction which makes them unsuccessful. This fascinates me.

Studying Applied Science at A level has allowed me to understand what human physiology is all about and I now have an understanding of some of the processes involved in diagnosing diseases and evaluating the effectiveness of the treatments. The chemistry part of Applied Science has allowed me to improve my laboratory and practical skills which is highly required within the biomedical science field. Physics within applied science has also allowed me to be able to use the logical and problem solving skills I have learnt in Mathematics. I also take Public Services and have managed to gain team work and time management skills.

I undertook work experience at Manor Hospital and I was fortunate enough work alongside biomedical scientists and doctors within the pathology sector of the hospital. I had the opportunity to see how they work together in order to provide the necessary and right treatments for patients. Going to the hospital for a week, I experienced their busy schedules whilst watching them produce the best service available. This enabled me to get an insight of what is to be expected of me within biomedical science and physiology.

Some extra curriculum activities I have taken part in are the Duke of Edinburgh Award which enabled me to show my teamwork, time management, communication and map reading skills. I have also learnt a little bit of sign language and volunteered as a friendly ear within school as part of the programme, mentoring young students. I also was given the opportunity to volunteer helping pilgrims on my recent school trip to Lourdes.

I know I would thrive if given the opportunity to become part of your university’s community and to be able to apply the knowledge acquired by helping others and work with individuals from many different cultures and backgrounds. It is my ambition to work hard and be able to contribute to the university to the best of my ability.

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