Submitted by Josh

Biology Personal Statement

Submitted by Josh

Biology, to me, is the most fascinating of all the sciences. The fact that biological sciences are ever changing and are constantly adapting to new discoveries really motivates me to study in this area. I would say that my interest in this subject originates from my family. My mother is a triplet and so as a child I was always intrigued as to why all my aunties looked identical. This interest has stemmed all through my life. As well as this my mother and both her sisters went on to complete degrees in biology so I would say that biology has always been a part of my life. In order to understand how biology can transfer from the classroom to the real world I completed a week’s work experience at the pathology department at Warrington Hospital. Within the department I was able to do some administrative work as well as observe trained pathologists collect and test samples. I witnessed the true complexity and accuracy at which these tests are carried out. I realised how integral biology is to human health and medicine which has inspired me to research further into this subject; particularly about how malaria is detected within samples and then treated.

Throughout my school life I was able to volunteer in particular events to help out within the school community. These include volunteering as a prefect to supervise younger students which taught me leadership and communication skills which were necessary in order to succeed in this authoritative role. I also have completed the language leader’s qualification. This required me to perform three French lessons to year seven pupils. As this involved public speaking I managed to build my confidence and I now feel comfortable presenting in front of others as a result of this. Also I developed my teamwork skills as I had to organise a language event one afternoon. As well as this I volunteered to help on the year 6 transition day.

Recently, I attended a biology field course to Wales. This gave me real experience of carrying out ecological tests which are an important part of biology. This certainly helped to further spark my enthusiasm for biology in a way that would not be possible in a classroom environment. I also learnt skills like how to write a report which I feel will be vital going forward into a degree course. I believe that this experience has not only assisted me in my A-Level studies but will also aid my work in the future at university because from my research I discovered that conservation and ecology topics contribute a lot to many courses.

Currently I am studying Biology, Geography and Chemistry. In Chemistry I have developed my ability to work with others as many times during experiments teamwork was vital to the success of the practical. This will help me to complete other biological experiments throughout my career. Chemistry also helped me to strengthen my mathematical skills which will support me in other scientific subjects as mathematics is becoming more intrinsic to the A-Level Biology course. Similarly, whilst studying Geography I have completed coursework which has bolstered my essay writing technique and this skill will be invaluable to me going into the future. Obviously Biology is the most vital for this course but is has also, unlocked within me, a keen interest in particular in biochemical aspects of biology like photosynthesis and protein synthesis.

In conclusion, I accredit my academic achievements to my hardworking and persevering nature; while being motivated by challenges. This is evidenced by the award I received in 2017 for outstanding endeavour in year 12. I find the prospect of creating new experiences which will, in turn, benefit both my academic and personal life enthralling. Therefore, I believe that a degree in Biology would be the perfect foundation for a career as a research scientist.

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