Submitted by Sanaa

Biomedical Science

Submitted by Sanaa

In Y10 I became an NHS ambassador for two years, which gave me two weeks of valuable work experience in a local hospital. During this time I was able to gain an appreciation of the working world and the importance of understanding the human body in order to research and combat the causes of critical diseases. This sparked my interest in research and was the turning point of my future choices, in particular my choice of undergraduate degree.

The ability to research independently an area of Science that I am passionate about is an aspect of the degree that really appeals to me. In particular, I feel excited to be working alongside specialists, as this will provide practical support for the knowledge that I gain in lectures and seminars. Additionally, the completion of this degree will allow me to grasp the fundamentals of science eventually leading to the study of Medicine at graduate level. It will also provide me with the knowledge and skills that I need to work in a wide range of career pathways, providing promising opportunities, during and after my studies.

Recently I visited Sheffield Children's Hospital, which enabled me to understand the different placements that Science graduates can do in their final year. It allowed me to explore sectors such as Biomedical Science, Genetics, Phlebotomy and Biochemistry. The fact that the students came from a range of degrees made me understand the range of scientific placements available within the NHS. I got to experience hands on demonstration where I administrated a blood transfusion on a dummy arm, using the correct technique and equipment provided by the specialist; this allowed me to learn the significance of this role in the hospital.

A recent guided tour at Sheffield Hallam University of the new Science facilities has only further increased my excitement about studying this course. BTEC single Science assignments have provided me with experience of working in a concise, meticulous and organised way. I have gained skills in recording information, microscope use and dissections, which was particularly important during my study of the structure and function of our kidneys.

I am currently finalising my EPQ based on the development and current research on making asthma a more manageable disease for sufferers. I have discovered exciting research that suggests there could be a cure for asthma in five years time with the use of calcium-sensing receptors and the impact pollution has on the increase of asthma in society. I have also quickly grasped essential skills such as the Harvard referencing system, which will be important for my degree.

I have become proficient at researching large quantities of information and combining this to construct well-written essays. My A-level English coursework enables me to organise my time effectively as I can have multiple assignments and coursework with close deadlines. This is an important skill as large parts of the course will involve writing reports therefore I will need to include significant information from a variety of information sources. I have gained a variety of skills from past experiences essential for this degree.

I am particularly proud to have contributed to my school receiving the World Class School award by filming clips that were featured in the film that helped school gain the recognition. In the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh, I demonstrated skills such as leadership qualities in a group when pitching a tent in difficult weather conditions and perseverance when walking 20 miles on foot.

I feel I always have a positive attitude and cope well with pressure especially with end of year examinations. I also feel that this skill can be applied to any placements that I do as if my placement involves direct patient contact for example I will approach my role in a positive manner to make a positive contribution to the working environment and the university I represent. A Bioscience degree will allow my passion for research to prosper.

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