Submitted by Tureeck

Biomedical Science

Submitted by Tureeck

The human body is one of the most complex and intricate entities on Earth. We are constantly discovering and applying new medical knowledge to combat disease and infection yet we're still overwhelmed by the sheer amount we've yet to discover. This fact fuels my drive to be involved in this field and get to work with such a fascinating community of scientists who strive to increase our expertise in the field of human biology and unravel the hidden mysteries the body holds. In recent history, we have done so much to better public health from discovering the first antibiotic penicillin in 1928 to the completion of the human genome project. As innovations in technology and scientific knowledge advance, we are seeing a huge increase in the life expectancy of humans far beyond what anyone would've thought 50 years ago. I believe that the subjects I've chosen to study will allow me to develop my passion for human biology through the study Biomedical Science. Biology was able to give me a more in-depth understanding of the human body on a physical and molecular level. Whilst applied science gave me a more broad view of working in a laboratory setting along with giving me a large amount of scientific knowledge.

In the last year alone I've done a variety of extra-curricular activities to help develop and broaden my skills base. By shadowing a consultant pathologist at my local hospital I was able to see how a multidisciplinary team works together in a variety of departments to come to a conclusion on a patient’s diagnosis. I was showed how slides are prepared in a much greater detail than in my school labs, with most of the process being automated and handled with greater care. It was here where I really started to take interest in studying Biomedical Science. Also, I shadowed a consultant Cardiologist, during my time in the Cardiology department I was able to talk to patients on the ward about why they have been admitted to hospital. This enabled me to develop my communication and team working skills which are vital in a multidisciplinary workplace. I've volunteered to be a mentor for young children, helping them to create a project to better the community. The project revolved around eating healthy and how an unhealthy lifestyle could lead to complications in health later in life. Using already existing scientific knowledge on the effect of unhealthy eating on the body, I was able to provide information on diseases associated with a unhealthy lifestyle such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I find that volunteering helps to be better me as individual as I'm able to make a difference to many other people’s lives. I realised this when I and a few other students from my sixth form campaigned and linked up with a youth club called action4bullying which runs activities for children affected by bullying. I ensured that I tried my best whenever a task was given to me and motivated my peers whenever their goal felt unattainable. My confident character meant I was able to get along with anyone I was put into a team with and I understood the importance of working together to achieve a mutual goal. In turn, our campaign was very successful raising over £150 for our charity partner which helped them to improve their facilities and resources.

During my school career, I have played a substantial part in our highly successful drama department, I have grown hugely from taking part in this as a senior actor. I had a wide range of roles from helping develop younger students to ensuring the smooth running on the multiple performance nights. Holyhead school puts on some of the most diverse and acclaimed performances, I gained not only acting experience but organisation, leadership and communication skills.

In conclusion, I think that I would be a credit to any institution that would give me an opportunity to study biomedical science further, I am hardworking, studious and motivated by a desire to help others.

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