Submitted by Francesca

Drama and English

Submitted by Francesca

For me, the excitement of Drama lies in its great depth and range. Dramatic works span time periods reflecting culture, language and society. With many different playwrights, in particular, William Shakespeare, the context and message of their works can be seen as reflecting an age but also as timeless, having significance today and for other cultures than which it was fashioned. This was something that fascinated me during my GCSEs after learning Macbeth as my English exam text.

I’ve always considered English one of my strongest subjects, from a young age I have always found fascination in reading and writing. This was something that flourished and grew for me after winning a poetry competition in year six where my poem was published in a national school poetry anthology, although I'd like to think my skill set has developed since then. Studying English Literature at A Level has provided me with valuable skills: the ability to analyse a text, the context, purpose and audience, as well as comparing and contrasting multiple texts.

I have had a love for the performing arts for as long as I can remember, having consistently studied ballet and tap since the age of four. There’s never been anything else I’ve wanted to do apart from act, my favourite thing being able to become anybody you want to be, something that is constantly changing, this is what interests me most about the subject. Drama explores the whole range of human emotion and can produce tremendous performances through the capability of actors to express themselves as somebody else, taking on a ‘mask’. The most profound thing to me when studying drama is that you can become any person in the entire world, and still be you. I enjoy creating devised pieces and creating accordingly a completely original character. I revel in becoming another person, learning their likes and dislikes, their habits and thoughts.

I also study Sociology, this has enabled me to look at things deeper through studying society and in particular crime, analysing the purpose and context in which people commit crimes in a similar way to English. Furthermore, this has refined my critical and analytical skills, helping me to effectively consider both sides of an argument, improving the cohesion of my writing.

I’ve always been an extremely motivated, hard-working individual and have been given several opportunities to test my dedication and skill outside of the classroom. I have two part-time jobs at Waitrose and John Lewis which have helped me to develop my confidence and time management. I have also been able to develop my skills in management and communication through these roles. I have maintained these commitments whilst completing my academic work and writing, producing and directing the teachers’ pantomime, 'Peter Pan-To'. It was certainly a learning curve for me and taught me to be more patient and work harder in my teamwork and leadership skills, something I will take on board this year with our version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

I was also able to take part in the English peer tutoring programme during my GCSEs; helping my peers prepare for their exams and exceed their targets. Last year I was also a mentor to a new year 7; I learned a lot from the experience as well as the year 7s, through the development of communication skills, as well as gaining the experience of talking to a younger member of the school community. The experience really motivated me both educationally and outside of school. Something that I was able to take further through helping run Drama Club for the lower school on a Monday after school. I’ve also been a part of a team that raised £25,000 for our school charity KISS, £800 of which, was made through selling ice cream at school events, a team which I lead.

I am keen and excited at the prospect of devoting all my time to the study of English and Drama at a higher level and cannot wait to get started.

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