Submitted by Millie


Submitted by Millie

Drama and Theatre is a subject that through my studies over the years has taught me confidence, good communication, and an objective and analytical way of viewing not only theatre, but also any literature, media, or even political issue. What fascinates me about Drama is that it affects and is affected by so many other topics like religion or social issues, whether that is gender or race. I wish to be able to continue to develop the skills I have gained and learn more as I move onto university through a Drama and Community Theatre degree.

Over these past three years, I have developed a love of theatre. Some of my favourite plays include Fiddler on the Roof with its clever use of humour and music to deal with serious issues whilst staying true to Jewish culture, The Tin Drum by Kneehigh with its emotive and thrilling soundtrack and ideas around fighting fascism, and Doctor Faustus because of the clever use of language and the use of dark humour to make comments on religion and morality. I have also expanded my knowledge of theatre by reading a breadth of plays from authors such as Christopher Marlowe, John Godber, Steven Berkoff, and Arthur Miller. I feel this is important as it helps me to grow personally while also making me more culturally aware as I experience writing from different times in history and from different viewpoints.

I am currently studying A levels in Drama and Theatre Studies, Fine Art, and English Language; each of these subjects has taught me invaluable skills. Drama has taught me research skills as I delve into the context of my studied plays; Fine Art has developed and encouraged me to expand my imagination and creativity; English Language has taught me a higher understanding of language and how to incorporate this to write essays of a greater standard.

Other areas I have developed transferable skills would be during my work experience in St John’s Fisher Primary School as a teaching assistant where I proved to be responsible and also developed my organisation and time management skills as I was in charge of helping children with their work and looking after them during break times. Moreover, I took part in the NCS programme, which over 4 weeks, taught me communication, teamwork and allowed me to raise money for a mental health charity called Sane through different fundraising events that me and others in my group organised.

In my experience in acting so far, I have developed and refined my skills as an actor through experiences such as the National Theatre Connections Festival, where a group of students from my college put on a production of a newly written play by Kellie Smith called The Monstrum. We performed in our own college theatre as well as in the Lowry theatre in Manchester. This was an invigorating experience that taught me a lot about putting a production together and the dedication required when putting on a performance. As we were always on-stage, I learned about the importance of proxemics within a piece and how members of the ensemble work together to create a constantly interesting visual image for the audience. I am also currently taking part in a half hour abridged version of Macbeth, where I will be playing the role of one of the three Witches in a comedic physical theatre style performance.

In my spare time, I enjoy hobbies such as reading, with my favourite books being The Prince of Mist by Carloz Ruiz Zafón and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I also enjoy writing my own stories as it allows me to engage with a narrative of my own creatively.

Aspects of the course which particularly interest me include ideas around contemporary theatre and modernism, learning how theatre affects an audience, the exploration between theory and practice and how culture is explored within theatre.

Overall, I am excited to develop my skills through both practise and theory, allowing me to further my abilities in a well-rounded manner.

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