Submitted by Sophie

BA (Hons) Drama and Dance

Submitted by Sophie

I want to study Dance at university I have always wanted to do dance and I have found that it is something that comes naturally to me. I have always found dance and the preforming art industry, there are no two days that are the same. Every time I dance, I want to feel that I have improved in different abilities.

I am currently studying BTEC dance, drama and, photography. I have enjoyed studying dance at college, I have done a lot of different styles of dance in college and I feel that it is a good way discovering new ways of dancing. In a group, we have had to choreography a dance based on mental health and my part in this was to interrupt different movements that would link to mental health which I really enjoyed doing. Outside of lessons I always want to get involved with anything to do with dance because I want to learn more skill and develop my skills in all different ways in dance so I volunteered to do the college production which are always really fun and amazing to be involved in because I get to show of my skills as a dancer. In Footloose I was a main dancer and an extra in the play.

I also do dance outside of college at a dance school, the main style is contemporary and we also explore over dancers such as jazz dance. We do showcases to show off our ability, we do this twice a year in the local community.

Studying drama, I do practical and theory work. The practical has brought out a lot of my confidence, also the ability to perform in a way where I can show off my skills when performing. I have enjoyed studying Arto, I like his style because it very different and the play doesn’t have to make sense. Following this in a group we had to write are own script and perform it to the other students.

In photography, I enjoy this creative subject because all of my ideas are accepted and find I come up with many ideas. I like using light photography as there is a lot of different ways to use light photography, I have done my own work using light photography, I had to use a mobile phone to capture the image of light streaks.

I was an acrobatic gymnast for eight years, I have found that been a gymnast it has help me with my dancing when doing routines. and I was an assistant coach and I did this volunteer because I have a lot of passionate for acrobatic gymnastic.

I am currently employed at TGIFridays as a severing assistant and a door host. My confidence has developed through working here and has helped me with my communication skill as I feel comfortable speaking with customers. I have also learned skills that I need balance for, I have to three plates carry and three drinks carry; this is a skill that I have learnt over time and I’m still leaning over different skills within my job. I have also gained another skill which is working in a team.

In my spare time, my interest is an extension of my college studies but I also enjoy meeting up with friends.

Going to university is something that I want to do because I want to study further in an area that really interests me and it will also give me better career opportunities as well as different skills and knowledge. Dance has always been an interest of mine, this is where I can be the most creative and make it personal therefor I feel I would be really successful on this course.

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